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Shopping Smarter and More Efficiently at Kohl's

Kohl's Moreno Valley Store

Kohl’s for some of us is the love of our lives and nothing less. It’s easy to see why – huge selection, crazy good deals every day, and stacks of coupons for sweet shopping. If you are one of Kohl’s skeptics, read to find all the awesome ways to save and we bet you’ll be a loyal follower by the end of this article. Unless you don’t feel like saving 60 or so percent…

Without further ado let’s take a look at some saving strategies:

1. Can you get stuff for free?

Yes! All you have to do is get an item that costs $10 or $20 for your $10 or $20 Kohl’s Cash and voila! If you have a few Kohl’s Cash coupons, break your big order in parts to use 4 coupons per purchase.

Kohls Ray Ban

2. How much do you have to spend to get $10 Kohl’s Cash?

Most people think that they have to spend $50 for it, but $48 will do. Always break your transactions if you purchase for over $48 to collect as much Kohl’s Cash as you can.

Kohls Vintage Crop Tees

3. When is the best time to earn and redeem Kohl’s Cash?

You should always keep in mind that Kohl’s is incorporated in Central time zone, so all Kohl’s Cash earning cycles and redeeming limits end at 11:59 Central time.

Kohls Under Armour

4. How many promo codes can you stack online?

You can use four coupons at a time and it doesn’t matter which ones. It can be item specific, department specific, or Kohl’s Cash.


Kohl's Promotions:

  • Extra 35% off when you sign up for a Kohl’s Charge.
  • Free Standard Shipping on Your Orders of $75 or More
  • 75% OFF New Markdowns


5. What if you don’t have Kohl’s Cash?

In this case just use two percent-off coupons or free shipping promotion at the same time online.

6. When should you shop via your mobile phone?

The only time you should do that is when you have no more than two coupon codes because that’s mobile limit. All other times shop on your computer or in-store.

Kohls kids clothing

7. Should you ever pay for shipping at Kohl’s?

Absolutely not! There are always free shipping codes, but sometimes they carry a high minimum. If that’s the case, always use free store pick up or order at in-store kiosk and get it delivered to your house for free.

8. Are there any limitations for Kohl’s Cash?

You can spend this money on anything in the store, all brands included, even those that never have coupons or go on sale, like Levi’s and Columbia.

Kohls Levis

9. Does it make sense to use Ibotta app?

Yes, because you will still be able to use 2 coupons and will get some money back for shopping through Ibotta. Cash back might just be 2%, but it’s free money.

10. Is Yes2You Rewards program really worth joining?

This loyalty program rewards points for every dollar spent and gives $5 for every 100 points. You’ll also get exclusive coupons and extra points earning periods for your loyalty. You’ll get 10 points for liking Kohl’s on every social media site, meaning that you can accumulate 60 points very easily with Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Kohls Hammer Axe


11. When is the best time to buy big things?

The end of the month is when you should buy big stuff and use your Yes2You rewards in addition to all Kohl’s Cash.

Kohls Lee

12. Does Kohl’s have referral reward?

Yes, if your friend joins Yes2You through you and makes a purchase, you will get $5. You can invite as many as 5 friends.

13. Is there are fast way to get a coupon before shopping?

You can text SAVE07 to 56457 and get 15% off right away. You will get more coupons via this number in the future.

Kohls Vera Wang

14. Is there are nice way to keep track of your paper coupons?

You should definitely scan them all with Kohl’s app and have them conveniently stored electronically. They will be stored in the Wallet section in the app and you will never forget them.

Kohls Nike

15. What should you do if you lose Kohl’s Cash coupons?

Not a problem – just ask cashier to scan your receipt and re-issue them.

16. What is Kohl’s return policy?

It’s 16 months with or without receipt as long as you are Yes2You member or have their credit card.

Kohls The Big One

17. Can you back track your coupons?

Yes, if you forgot your coupons at home, you can purchase whatever you have to and then bring them to the store later for credit or if you are shopping online, call customer service with the valid coupon and they will also give you money back.

18. What about mailing rebates?

Yes, rebates are quite good on more expensive items, such as small kitchen appliances or cookware. You can save lots of money this way or get free gifts just for mailing a paper.

Kohls Keurig K-Elite

19. When is the best time to shop for seniors?

All 60+ and fabulous customers get 15% off on Wednesdays, so make it your shopping day and save. This discount won’t work with dollar-off coupons and online, only with percent-off deals in-store.

20. How can you find out the lowest price of the season?

Look for a little square in the corner of price tags. If you see it, this is your lowest price. The item can go to clearance, but it also may not.

Kohls clearance

21. When is the best time to buy small appliances?

The answer is Black Friday and five days before it. The discounts can be as high as 50% and you can still use all your coupons and Kohl’s Cash.

22. Can you extend the expiration date of Kohl’s Cash?

If you return some items that you bought and got Kohl’s Cash, you will be issued a new 30-days Kohl’s Cash, so if you know you won’t need to shop soon, do it and reserve savings for later.

Kohls Food Network Sale

23. Can Kohl’s return Amazon purchases for free?

This might be unheard of for many of us, but yes, if you live in Chicago or LA. This offer might be available in more stores in the future.

Kohls Fila

24. Does it make sense to get Kohl’s credit card?

If you shop at Kohl’s often and are responsible with your money, you should definitely consider this credit card. You will get 20% off your purchase right away, 15% off when the card arrives, and then 12 15-30% off coupons per year.