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I still remember the time when I studied in college. Lots of new friends, great parties, and the chance to discover an array of opportunities. It was the best time of my life even though I rented a tine apartment and slept on the cheapest mattress I could find on Amazon.  Paying for college is a big expense and the cost of tuition, books and an apartment was high so naturally I was looking for ways to save on something. I could save on my comfort, and I considered myself very lucky to get a free bed from one of my friends and find a mattress for just $80 on Amazon.

Saatva Luxury Sleep

When I graduated and found a good job I moved into a house and the first thing I splurged on was a quality mattress. I was sick and tired of my old cheap mattress that was rather uncomfortable. I found my dream mattress by chance. I got a job in Los Angeles and while walking along Merlose avenue with my friend I stumbled on Saatva Show room.

Saatva Show Room

I was just looking for a new mattress, so I decided to look around. I tested one of their mattresses and it was very comfortable. I sat on it, lay on it and every muscle on my back got relaxed and back strain immediately disappeared

Saatva Luxury Mattress

I realized I wanted a mattress like that. I am eco conscious and Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress is an eco-friendly mattress that meets all my sleeping needs.

Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress

When I came home I checked the company’s website to learn more about the product I was interested in. You see, I never buy on impulse. First, I need to know all about the product, the company that produces it, their policies and only then I make up my mind. I also checked Saatva mattress reviews and decided to purchase it. Instead of buying in store I placed my order online to take advantage of Saatva Mattress $250 Off promotion I saw on their website.

Saatva Bed and Mattress

A bed and a mattress are products that usually come together. Sleeping on a luxury mattress placed onto an old squeaky bed is definitely a bad idea. When I was in the show room, I fell in love with Marbella bed, so I decided to order it too. It’s all about loving yourself and spending on things that make you really happy. Now I’m very happy with the quality of the bed and my new mattress. I sleep like a queen and going to bed turns into a relaxing and pampering ritual I enjoy every night. Now, the only thing I dream about is 800 tread Egyptian cotton sheets to match the wonderful mattress.