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I Tried Coldwater Creek and Now I'm in Love

Coldwater Creek Discount CodeDreaming of spring

Coldwater Creek is a retailer that I discovered just recently. I have never heard about this company before since I live in Georgia, where this retailer doesn’t have physical locations. I am young at 38 and this is another reason why Coldwater Creek didn’t get on my radar until now as the company caters more to middle age women.

Free Coldwater Creek DeliveryDog is in love with packages and hopes for treats

After my sister told me about Coldwater Creek, their philosophy, and great price-quality ratio, I decided to look them up and I am happy that I did. While I enjoy trendy fashion, I enjoy long-lasting quality and ideas even more, and Coldwater Creek has them both.

Coldwater Creek Coupon 2020Ready to open

First of all, the message – the company is based in the Northwest since it was founded in 1984 by a husband a wife. The company always valued family and found inspiration in the great outdoors that Northwest is known for. I can definitely see that in their color choices and calm designs, kind of like a slow river flow. I spend a lot of time in nature, so this type of inspiration appeals to me too.

Coldwater Creek Deals 2020Loving the serious packaging

You will not find sparkles, sequins, and see-through materials here, but what you will discover is earthly tones of colors found in nature, cozy fabrics, and classic design. Even I, despite my love for shiny things, can find comfort and peace in clothes that are made by Coldwater Creek.

Coldwater Creek Denim Jacket DiscountPerfect jacket for sunny, but chilly weather

I know winter is ending, but I was mostly interested in winter line because I wanted to save money and because we are getting ready to visit the great Northwest at the end of March, which is very much still winter there at that time of the year. I glanced at spring collection and it’s cute, but pinks and hearts were not on my mind this time.

Coldwater Creek Denim Jacket CouponGreat outdoor companion for when nature calls

I started my shopping at Sale section first and looked at all the discounts available there. I found lots of sweaters, cardigans, jean jackets, and warm pants with $10-$20 off. Jeans were definitely not my style, but I was happy to see that they had tall sizes, which is always important to me, as I am 5’9”. Sale section is where I found my first buy – Faux Shearling Knit Denim Jacket for $79.95, discounted from $99.95. It looks good, fits just about any type of pants, but unfortunately size S is more like L on me, so I will be exchanging it. Other than being too big, I like how it looks and feels.

Coldwater Creek Denim Jacket with CouponMy new denim jacket makes a nice addition to my closet

Sale section also has lots of warm sweaters and pullovers at this time of the year. I also found cute hats, earrings, scarfs, shoes, belts, handbags, and Christmassy home décor items.

Coldwater Creek Promotion CodeEven Marlo likes it

My second buy was Silver Metallic Mountain High Quilted Coat discounted from $199 to $174.

Coldwater Creek Silver Metallic Mountain High Quilted Coat

This coat has some sparks and metallic sheen for me, not to mention how warm and cute it is. This one I ordered in S and it feels like an S, with some room for a sweater underneath it.

Coldwater Creek Silver Metallic Mountain High Quilted Coat Discount

I totally love this jacket and can see myself wearing it for years, not only on my winter trip to Yellowstone and California.

Coldwater Creek Promotion

Another section that was of interest to me is Outlet. Items there are discounted by up to 75% off and definitely make great value buys. I saw handbags, tunics, blouses, summer dresses, pants, jackets, shorts, skirts, shirts, gowns, and swimwear. My recommendation would be to shop at those two sections for clothes that are from the ending season or from a season that’s one over, like summer is currently.

Coldwater Creek Silver Metallic Mountain High Quilted Coat Promotion

Coldwater Creek always has some kinds of sale going on, but rarely does it have better prices than during its Winter Sale. Most merchandise has been discounted by up to 30%, and by most I mean all warm weather essentials, Christmas items, outerwear, jackets, denim, pants, sweaters, shoes, slippers, hats, some jewelry, and more – everything except new spring collection and Valentine’s Day items.

If you think that 30% off is great, get this – there is an additional 40% off select styles January Clearance Sale going on right now! Just use code JAN40 and load up on cold weather essentials for this spring and next winter!

You can find discounted apparel and other products in Sale or Outlet section, but you will also see discounted items while shopping at all other sections. While scrolling down you will see discounted and regular priced items side by side. This is very nice because you won’t miss anything no matter how you prefer to shop.

If you like what you see on the website, consider signing up for email newsletter, and you will get 20% off your first $75+ order and free shipping. Various sales and coupon code information will be sent to you this way in the future, so treat this sign up as an ongoing benefit.

See More Coldwater Creek Promotions:

  • 20% OFF Entire Purchase with code 33CS20FS33
  • Up to 75% OFF Outlet Styles

Coldwater Creek Discount CodeI can see myself wearing this combination on a lunch date with my husband

My final purchase was a Spirit of Sedona Poncho because I saw myself using something like that on our upcoming trip too. If not for this trip, I would’ve been going for a few cute and flowy summer dresses. The poncho was $49.95, which is $10 off its regular price. I think that it looks good on me, is wide, flowy, and will work perfectly with my beloved legging style. I think I will keep it.

Coldwater Creek Spirit of Sedona PonchoSedona Poncho is perfect for heels and leggings kind of night.

Once I got all my items parked in the cart, I used 20% off + free shopping coupon code and came out completely nicely with three great things I bought.

Coldwater Creek OutfitsThis little number is great for every errand run and lunch with friends

I am quite satisfied with Coldwater Creek website and how easy it was to order everything. I did not get my stuff in a day or two, like I would from Amazon, but shipping was free, so I can’t complain. The only thing that I don’t like is the fact that exchanges are not free and so I will have to pay shipping and handling fee when getting a smaller denim jacket. I feel that returns can be paid, but exchanges should be free, especially with so many companies doing that already. Coldwater Creek should rethink this rule for the future if they want to be more competitive. On the other hand, the company relies on loyal customers who probably know what size fits them and don’t have to deal with returns or exchanges very often.

Coldwater Creek DiscountsI am totally taking this on my trip to the great Northwest in March

I know that Coldwater Creek has 8 physical locations with plans to open more, but I think all of them will be in the North. If I ever travel somewhere and see a store, I will definitely visit it since I am now familiar with their designs and happy with their quality.