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Easter Gifts for Young Readers

My younger son is very active, but he recently has expressed a great interest in books. He has just started reading, but since he is only a beginner he prefers to hear me ready for him. Every night before going to bed he reads his First Little Readers book by Scholastic and then it’s my turn to read him the book. The boy is so interested in reading that I am considering getting him a couple of new books to read. If you are also looking for nice books as Easter gifts for kids here is a selection of Easter books young readers are sure to love.

Happy Easter Little Pookie

My favorite physical store to get books for kids is Barnes & Noble. The closest stores to me are located at Fashion Island, Newport Beach (401 Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, CA) and Irvine Spectrum Center (670 Spectrum Center Dr, Irvine, CA). This time I visited Barnes & Nobles at Fashion Island and saw many interesting books dedicated to celebrating Easter. Disney’s My First Easter, Happy Easter Little Pookie, The Easter Surprise! and The Great Eggscape! are for the youngest children. And not only books can be found in this store. Little Eggs card games are also available to keep their inquisitive minds busy.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

My son has his favorite characters from the book he reads. These are Peter Rabbit and Pete the Cat. We have The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter at home and it’s one of my son’s favorite bedtime stories. In fact, we have amassed a collection of books about Peter Rabbit and his adventures. They tell about friendship and curiosity that drives every child to learn new things about the world every single day. If your child loves stories about Peter Rabbit, consider getting him a stuffed toy of Peter Rabbit dressed in retro clothing just as it is shown in the book illustrations.

Another popular book character is Pete the Cat. This blue cat and his family describe different situations that happen to them and they are similar to those kids may have too. Going camping, taking the first train trip, getting to the library and visiting the fire house are only some of Pete’s adventures he shares with the readers. Pete the Cat toys can be purchase at Barnes & Nobles too.

Curious George series of books is about an inquisitive little monkey and his pranks. The book is really funny and has already become the classics that several generations of children have been brought up on. A best seller for decades, a collection of Curious George stories keeps kids and their parents delighted and entertained.

The Serious Goose by Jimmy Kimmel

The Serious Goose by Jimmy Kimmel is a fun story about a goose that never smiled. But the fun picture book is going to make your child laugh, guaranteed. All proceeds from the book are donated to children’s hospitals all over the country. By purchasing this book you are contributing to a good cause as well.

National Geographic Growing Kits

If you are looking for Easter books specifically you can find a lot of them at Barnes & Noble. Also, you might consider complementing the book with the do-it-yourself kit. Young children love hands-on experience, and they are thrilled to create something using their hands National Geographic Growing Kits is designed to help young learners get hands-on experience in planting seeds.

Sunflower Garden by Creativity for Kids

With Sunflower Garden by Creativity for Kids your child will be able to grow real plants and take care of them.

I Love You Always Books

Easter gift ideas for kids include personalized books too. If you love to present some special gifts for your child, consider purchasing a personalized book at Barnes & Noble. Right in the store you can pick a book bearing your child’s name and addressed specifically to your child. In case your kid’s name is rare you can order your personalized book from Barnes & Noble website and get it delivered right to your door. Imagine how great it is to read the book addressed right for you. I Love You Always personalized books at Barnes & Noble will help you express your affection and will remain a keepsake to be cherished for years to come.

Another great source to get personalized books is Personalization Mall. There you can find a selection of theme books dedicated to different holidays and special occasions. The name of your child will be weaved into the narrative and addressed to in the book. What a nice and thoughtful way to create special moments we live for. And make sure you get your Personalization Mall discount with a coupon code applied to your online order.

Easter Gifts for kids

A book is one of the best gifts ever. It encourages little explorers to learn more about the world they live in, use their imagination and develop thinking. When kids grow up, they will always remember the books their parents read to them. The books leave imprints on their souls and keeping guiding throughout all their life.

Easter Gifts