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Eastbay is an electronic retailer with a narrow and targeted focus on athletic shoes. Here you will find sports shoes for every need, from professional wear to gym trips to simply active lifestyle, and everything in between.

Every member of your family is catered for at Eastbay.com. There are shoes for men, women, and kids. Every sport imaginable is covered – you will easily find a great selection of football cleats, running shoes, shoes for wrestling, and baseball footwear in every size. You can search for shoes by category, like basketball, running, or football. You can also narrow down your search by age and specific category for that age, such as baseball, football or soccer footwear.

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The website carries all the newest brands, popular designers, and trends, so you will be able to find the most coveted celebrity endorsed shoes and all the newest technological improvements and comforts.

Eastbay.com also provides ways to pick the shoes you want based on brand, gender, color, and even foot width. If consumer ratings are very important to you, you can filter shoes by the highest ratings. Finally, you can select a range of price and locate shoes that speak to you this way.

Eastbay.com offers free shipping on select orders, so always make sure you are getting it or look for coupons for shipping before finalizing your purchase. You have 90 days to return the order back to them if the shoes are not quite what you expected.

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Eastbay.com provides a few ways to save while shopping for shoes and they are not hiding it. You can always find some discounts and promotions right on the home page. If that is not enough, you should check out the sales page for the best prices on athletic shoes. There you can also search by gender, types of shoes, and specific sports.

6pm.com is a major competitor of Eastbay.com and has an even wider selection of sports shoes and a huge sales section for those of us looking to save. Between those two electronic giants are definitely going to find what you are looking for and what you can afford.

Eastbay.com has a loyalty program where members can sign up and get free 3-day or 2-day shipping, depending on the level of their spending and membership status. There are two types of members – platinum and premier. Members pay the fee during the sign up process. If you are planning to shop a lot at Eastbay.com, you might want to consider becoming a platinum member just because they get more perks, extra discounts, and exclusive promotions for members only.

The company is known for great customer service; it offers live chat and phone support. Customers can track their orders and get some answers quickly from the Q&A page.

All and all, Eastbay.com is a great one stop shop for your family’s athletic shoes needs. They have great selection, user-friendly website, great customer care, and affordable prices. What’s not to love?