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Review of Winc Wine Subscription Service

Wine is a great and beautiful gift to humanity, you can’t deny that. You also can’t deny that it gets expensive sometimes. Yet we all love to enjoy a glass with various cuisines and while visiting with friends. Would you sign up for a wine delivery service that could bring bottles from around the world right to your door step and with savings too? Most of us would.

Let’s explore that a little further with Winc Wine subscription service:

What is Winc Wine subscription and how does it work?

The company was founded by wine lovers and is dedicated to wine lovers of the world. All subscribers receive wine that is tailored to their preferences and custom selected by expert curators.

Every bottle in the box costs under $20 and that is hard to find for the exclusive wines like the ones included with your subscription service. Some of the selected wines can retail for a lot more than $20, so try to beat that!

All the wines featured by Winc Wine are exquisite and of world class quality, which is what they are loved for. The service delivers affordable wine to your door, you get to taste wines from around the world, and you pick varieties that you like – what can be better?

The subscription works just like all other subscription services do. Guests start by opening an account on the website and creating a profile. This next step is crucial as your profile is used by experts who select the wine for you. Answering questions honestly and thoroughly will help the company pick wines that you are guaranteed to love.

What are some questions you will get?

Rest assured, all questions are very simple and food related:

  • What kind of coffee do you like?
  • Do you use a lot of salt in your cooking?
  • Do you like citrus fruits?
  • How do you feel about black truffles?
  • Do you like mushrooms?
  • What berries do you eat?
  • What are your favorite spices?
  • Do you prefer white or red wine?

Once you complete the questionnaire and subscribe, you will have an option to choose from a wide range of wines. There is an “edit box” for even more choices if you need more.

How much does Winc Wine cost?

As we mentioned at the beginning, prices here are very affordable. Most wines are at $13 and there is $9 shipping fee. Loyal customers get various perks, such as $10 off for rating 10 wines. Friend referrals give you $26 off, so being active earns you real money and eventually scores free boxes of vino. Finally, the company always offers coupons and discounts, so look for them online before purchasing.

What to expect from your box?

Getting the first box from Winc Wine is exciting, we know! 4 bottles of your choice arrive in a simple yet elegant brown box with company’s logo. Inside you will find two holders for four bottles. You can mix and match red and white wine however you see fit.

Most bottles have simple twist off cap, so you can take your wine for a picnic on the mountain and not worry about wine opener.

Let’s take a look at the contents of one the recent boxes:

  • Passarola – Portugal white wine, notes of grapefruit, lemon, and white peach; 12.1% alcohol, great with seafood.
  • Allma Libre – Chile red wine, notes of tomato leaf and blackberry; 13.2% alcohol, great with meats.
  • One From The Quiver – Mendoza, Argentina red, notes of sweet spices, cherries, earth tones; 13.8% alcohol, great with meats.
  • Wonderful Wine Co. – California white, sweet and strong at 14%, great with spicy food and seafood.

Can wines be replaced?

If you received your box and there is something that you don’t like, no problem. Winc Wines strive to make you happy, so call customer service and get a replacement. The customer service is reviewed as excellent by many subscribers, so rest assured they will take a good care of you too. You can also email them or start a live chat on the website.

Our suggestion is to not abuse this offer as it can always be refused in such case.

What are some of the pros?

  • Great wines at good prices - $13 wine can be as good as $100
  • Huge variety of wines – it’s like taking a world wine tour
  • Wines are based on your preferences – you are the boss
  • Easy to set up an account and personal profile
  • Great customer service – every question and concern will be addressed
  • Wine journal comes with every box – it includes descriptions and health benefits
  • $20 off coupon for your first order
  • You can cancel the service at any time

What are some cons?

  • Shipping is not free
  • Some people experience delay in delivery
  • It can felll expensive for some customers

In our opinion, the pros greatly outweigh the cons as you can try wines from all over the world without hurting your wallet too much. We vote yes for Winc Wine!