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Meat eating is so yesterday, at least in our house. Fish is another story! And as all fish lovers very well know, it’s not easy to buy quality fish. If you want it to be affordable too, you are completely out of luck. Since I converted my family to fish, I am always on the lookout for it in every conventional and less so way. Conventional way would be going to Whole Foods or Farmer’s Market and buying what they have. Yes, I do that very often. Less conventional way is ordering fish online and getting it delivered right to my door, which is what I recently tried.

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I have heard of Wild Alaskan Company before and saw their ads on social media, but never tried it. Given all the corona mayhem and mask wearing in public, I decided to finally give online fish ordering a try. Fish is known for not storing well for long, so I was a bit nervous about getting it delivered. It turns out, my worries were for nothing – the fish arrived in separate vacuum bags, still frozen, and very fresh. The shipment came in insulated box with dry ice. The box is recyclable, which I did, so no harm done.

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I ordered a standard salmon box for us to try, and it was a test to see if it’ll feed us all for a long time. What I got should be enough for a couple of weeks or more if I cook meals without fish from time to time. What came in the box were 3 servings of 8 ounce cold smoked sockeye, 8 pieces of sockeye salmon portions (6 oz. each), and 4 6 oz. pieces of Coho salmon portions.

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What I love most about this company is that all their fish is wild caught in Alaska and comes from a company that has been in one family for 3 generations of fishermen. They passionately care about Alaska’s natural fisheries and salmon. The founder grew up on his family’s boat and understands the issues of modern farmed fish firsthand. Wild Alaskan Company was started recently, but people behind it were in fishing business for generations.

Wild Alaskan Company Frozen Fish
What seafood we eat these days is usually fraudulently advertised as wild when in reality it has nothing to do with wild. And this is a huge problem in all our major cities – people claim they don’t like seafood, but that is often because they never had a real thing.

Wild Alaskan Company Salmon
As the movement back to natural and real food is expanding, many of us turn back to companies like Wild Alaskan, which deliver the real thing and stand by it. This subscription box is monthly, but can be paused or cancelled any time. You can also pick all salmon box, all white fish box, or a combo box. All boxes cost $116 for the first month and $131 for all others.

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Every box includes 12 packs of fish. You can double that for $224. Our family’s of four needs were completely met with 12 packs. While the price might seem a little steep at first, keep in mind that you will never find this quality wild fish for that price at your Whole Foods. And then there is a chance for coupons that can be found online or come from company’s promotions to help you save.

Wild Alaskan Company Sockeye Salmon
I could really taste the difference too. The fish I got is definitely sushi quality and could be eaten raw. We are not big on eating raw fish at home, so we pan sautéed, cooked in the oven, and grilled everything – it was perfectly juicy every time. Smoked salmon was wonderful and great for snacks.
If you can’t go to Alaska and catch your own wild fish, Wild Alaskan Company is your next best thing. It will provide you with organic wild fish for all your needs and it will do that without you ever going shopping and driving around in search of good quality fish.
Enjoy and you are welcome!