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Happy socks

For men socks are an absolute necessity, but very often people underestimate their importance in creating a stylish and trendy look. The right pair of socks will help you look better, feel more comfortable and confident. Moreover, investing in quality socks will save you money in the long run. So instead of getting another cheap pack of socks at your local store, consider choosing the fun and stylish socks made by these startup companies. From fun socks that enhance style, quality socks that last long to cozy socks perfect for lounging, you are sure to find the styles that match your outfit and mood. So here are top eight companies that specialize in making the most offbeat men’s socks.

Happy Socks

Happy Socks seems to know everything about having a good time. The choice of exclusive designs is really incredible, from more classic polka dots and stripes to palm trees and even strawberries. They cost about $12 a pair, but they will become a unique accessory and make you stand out. Happy socks regularly teams with other brands to create limited edition socks. For example, they’ve already partnered with The Beatles, Jimmy Fallon, and Keith Haring.

Basic Outfitters

If your drawer is full of mismatched socks it’s time to stock up on something really quality and affordable like Create-A-Drawer bundle from Basic Outfitters. With Create-A-Drawer bundle you will be able to purchase large packs of fancy socks, including performance socks, basic athletic socks, and themed socks. This is an excellent way to get a huge variety of styles while staying on the budget.


Headquartered in Los Angeles, MeUndies offers a unique way to purchase underwear and socks. With their easy subscription box service they make it fun to get a variety of patterns. By the way, customers can even order matching pairs for their sweethearts. The monthly subscriptions costs just $8 a month, and you’ll be mailed a new pair of socks. There are four styles to choose, and each comes with different patterns. By the way, you can cancel a subscription any time without any extra fees charged.

Ministry of Supply

The company that was started as the Smarter Dress Sock specializes in producing unique socks that look like gym socks but are also perfect for wearing in the office. The socks from Ministry of Supply are not only business appropriate but are also very comfortable. Made of recycled polyester, cotton and elastane they have a unique feature that eliminates bad odor: they’re infused with coffee that absorbs order. No, these socks don’t smell like coffee, but this innovative feature really works! In addition, they are available in a variety of trendy colors so you can wear them both at work and on casual occasions.


This company was founded in Los Angeles in 2014. The owners Boris and Albert Vaisman decided to design men’s socks that will make the person wearing them stand out from the crowd. If you have to adhere to business dress code at work consider adding some bright accents with these dress socks. Soxy offers four collections to choose from: Wild, Bold, Theme, and Classic. Socks cost $12 a pair or $55 for 5-pack bundles.

Tommy John

Established in 2008 Tommy John is all about innovative design in men’s undergarments. The company started with creating contemporary undershirts, but now it focuses more on making high quality underwear and socks. For example, the Tommy John Go Anywhere Performance Socks and extremely durable and are as good as when you wore them for the first time, even after months of use. Also the brand features nice traditional dress socks and no-shows for wearing with loafers. Tommy John socks cost from $15.


Started in 2013, Bombas entered the market with great gym socks and then added dress socks, knee-high socks for women and socks for children to their lineup of products. All of Bombas socks come with such comfort features as their proprietary Honeycomb Arch Support System, Performance Footbed, Y-Stitched Heel, and Invisitoe. It should be noted that the brand donates a portion of its sales to people in need. The price of Bombas men’s socks starts at $12.

Jimmy Lion

Jimmy Lion was established in 2012 with the goal to provide the customers with high quality, stylish, fun, and at the same time inexpensive socks for men. And they do their best to offer the endless supply of different patterns and styles. Their great plus is relatively low cost. For just $40, you can make your own custom four pack of Jimmy Lion socks. From raspberries, flamingo, flowers, astronauts, and practically everything you can think of, they have it all, guaranteed.