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Fiverr Money Making Strategies

You may have never heard of Fiverr, but the platform is becoming well-known and popular, so you are bound to hear about sooner rather than later. This is a new ‘it’ place for micro outsourced services online. Its services can be used by people and businesses both over the internet and offline.

If you have some expertise to offer on the global market platform, Fiverr might be for you. Sure, the services are micro and don’t get payed much for each, but if you are awesome at what you do and can work fast and efficiently, you can make quite significant cash. Don’t forget to offer something extra on top of your offer to attract more clients.

Before you become Fiverr millionaire, you need to know how it works. First, you will be asked to create an account to become a member. Once you have your profile up, get ready to offer low cost high volume services. You, just like everybody else, have to start at $5 transactions. Once you do that for a while and establish your name and credibility, you will be allowed to move up and offer premium services that can go for hundreds or more dollars.

Fiverr gigs that go for $5, in reality pays you $4, because Fiverr takes a $1 cut right away and then credits you for your $4 after you complete the work.

You can start working by making an offer of a gig starting with “I will…” and then use your imagination. Avoid lengthy projects and keep in mind that $5 shouldn’t buy hours and hours of your time, so go for what you know very well at and what you can do in speedy fashion.

These are some tips for making it on Fiverr:

Use your old materials

You will have to produce custom content for every job on Fiverr. Instead of working for hours on brand new content for $5 orders, reuse your old reports or stories that you have written from before. As long as you have it written that you don’t sell resale rights, but retain them for your work, you can sell the same materials to different customers.

Social media

Many websites and businesses are in the need of traffic and are looking for original content for Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus ads and posts. They won’t mind paying you $5 for driving traffic their way.

Be fast

You should be able to write good and fast. If you can produce 400 words in 12 minutes, you will get about $25 per hour, which is not too bad. Always write high quality content to make your customers come back to you for more.

Marketing software

You can use all kinds of traffic boosting tools to write for your clients. It takes minutes to set up and you can make up to $5 per minute. That would come to a nice sum of $300 per hour.

Digital drawings

Clients are always looking for original art based on their pictures, so you can learn how to use automated photo-based drawing techniques and cash in on that.


You can use Google and do a very thorough and concise research. Don’t go too broad and you will get it done in no time for pretty good pay.

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are needed for businesses all the time. You can easily sell your time and make a nice living if you live in a country where this is popular.

Work with Photoshop

You don’t even have to be a master of Photoshop to make good income. Just knowing how to clean up the background of a picture will make you desirable. Learn this little trade and make living on Fiverr easily.

Designer work

If you can learn basic graphic skills, you can design business cards for companies and small businesses for decent income.

Take pictures of you

One way to make money fast is to take and sell pictures of yourself while standing at various landmarks in your area and holding signs. Easy, right?

Graphic design basic flyers

Businesses are always in need of small graphic design projects, like designing flyers. Learn how to do them fast and sell your service for good money.

Writing reviews

People buy based on reviews these days, so learn how to type very fast and offer review writing services. It’s not that complicated, you just need to be able to write about 400 words in 12 minutes or so.

Video testimonials

If you are comfortable in from of the camera and look presentable, offer video testimonials as they are very popular these days on Fiverr.

SEO diagnostic results

Offer custom diagnoses of clients’ sites in terms of SEO content. You can find software for this goal; you can buy it and offer your services. The process of such diagnostics is short, so you can make a good deal of money.

SEO keywords diagnostics

This works the same as SEO health diagnostics, but for important keywords. You can easily produce a report with popular traffic boosting keywords and sell it. This service is in high demand these days and can make you fast cash

Before you can make money, you have to sell yourself first. Try different ads for the same service, use various enhanced pictures, categories, and even languages. Your goal is to understand what users respond to.

If you need more information and tips, you can read articles on Fiverr Academy or join discussions of experienced sellers to look for opinions on how to work fast and keep order flow steady. 

There are a few levels of Fiverr sellers:

  • Getting to level 1 – new members have to be on Fiverr for 30 days and sell 10 Gigs with low cancellation rate to get to it.
  • Level 1 – once here you can have 15 active Gigs at any time, sell your projects in groups, and make custom orders of over $1,000.
  • Level 2 – 20 active Gigs at one time and price is up to you.
  • Top Seller – 30 active Gigs and no limits on price you want to command. If you slack off, you will be downgraded.

Some of the most successful Fiverr professionals build their client base on the site and then move away from it to strike out on their own and save on Fiverr fees. However, many top sellers remain with Fiverr for billing handling convenience.