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My Enjoy Flowers REVIEW

Flowers for Mother's Day

The first time I have ever heard about Enjoy Flowers was when I got a gift – a beautiful bouquet of crisp flowers. It was arranged more naturally than you would normally expect from traditional florist and had so much exotic greenery that it really caught my attention. I am a bit tired of the usual flower delivery services and really wanted to try something different, especially with Mother’s Day in quarantine approaching.

Enjoy Flowers Deals

The gift of unique combination of fresh flower blooms and greens is what took me to Enjoyflowers.com and encouraged me to try this subscription service on my own. I love flowers in my house and usually buy a bouquet at least twice per month from a grocery store, so why not get delivered something that can’t be found at any grocery store? 

Enjoy Flowers Coupon 20off

Everything can be subscription service these days, so why wouldn’t flowers? You can get a delivery 1 or 2 times per month. It’s definitely 2 times for me and I won’t have to buy them myself during my shopping trips with masks, and gloves, and all other bells and whistles. And neither will my mom because I am thinking about ordering this service for her as well.

EnjoyFlowers for Mom

All flowers come from greenhouses in Colombia, where it takes just 4 days between cutting and reaching your doorstep. This is why flowers are so unusually fresh! Each bouquet is handmade by in-house florists, had-wrapped, and shipped to you with love.

Fresh Flowers from EnjoyFlowers

The bouquet arrives in a beautiful box and includes simple handling directions, biodegradable compostable wrapping, plant food packet, and an optional card if it’s a gift. All you have to do is un-wrap them, trim the stems, dissolve the food in the water, and place that beautiful arrangement in a vase. The company guarantees freshness for at least 7 days or they will send you a replacement. Most often flowers stay fresh for up to 2 weeks, at least some of them, so you can discard the wilting blossoms, refill the water, and continue to enjoy it until the next shipment is due.

Enjoy Flowers Spring Deals

I like how flexible this service is by allowing you to choose how often you want your delivery to be. You can cancel and edit your subscription any time. I also enjoy knowing that flowers reach me by sustainable farm to consumer model with as few middle men as possible. 

Enjoy Flowers Bouquet

There are two collections to choose from: Signature and Farm Fresh. Signature Collection often includes roses, hydrangeas, callas, lilies, alstros, and many more. Farm Fresh brings arrangements with roses, spray roses, Alstroemerias, carnations, and matsumoto. 

Enjoy Flowers Blooms

There are also different sizes of bouquets – Signature Collection can come in 20 or 40-50 stems, and Farm Fresh Collection has three sizes: 20-25 stems, 30-35 stems, or 40-45 stems. 

Enjoy Flowers Roses

As I said before, you can choose to get your flowers 1 or 2 times per month. You can pay each time automatically or prepay for 3, 6 or 12 months. I suggest you try one time and if you like what you get, prepay for two months and save 5%. If you choose 1 time monthly delivery and prepay for 12 months, you will save 15%!

Enjoy Flowers Bouquet for Mom

Overall I could rate my experience with the first gifted bouquet and my own order 10 out of 10. From the moment my huge box arrived, to opening it, putting all the colorful blooms in the vase, to enjoying them for two weeks, I have no complaints and only look forward for more!

Enjoy Flowers Delivery Promo

Whether it’s for you, your Mom, friend, grandma, or for your office, fresh rose and exotic flower arrangement is definitely going to brighten the mood. Think about all the good it can do during corona lockdown when spring is passing by on the other side of the window!