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AbeBooks September Order Review

AbeBooks September Order Review

I’ve been an avid reader since I was 5. Books have always been a big part of my life and few things make me as happy as a new book. And by new a book I mean something that I haven’t read yet, but it also has to be paper. It can be hard cover, paperback, used, new – it doesn’t matter as long as it’s not electronic. It tried electronic books and they simply were not for me. I have to be able to turn old fashioned pages and that’s that. Audio books are in the same category as electronic, not for me.

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So how does a person who loves paper books acquire a lot of them without breaking the bank? My answer to that has been AbeBooks.com. I shopped there for mine and kids’ books quite a few times already and found the best prices by far. Sure, I can go to a local used book store or Goodwill, but who’s to say that I will find specific books that I really want?

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Once in a while I find lists of books made by people who know their stuff and I want to get all those books for my library, which has been growing a lot, thanks to AbeBooks. If not for it, I would be broke by now buying 40 or 20 books at a time with each of them for at least $20 when new.

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AbeBooks.com is a marketplace for various used bookstores in the USA, Britain, Canada, and many other countries. The average price of older used books is about $5 and most of them ship for free. That’s a lot better than $20 or $30.

AbeBooks Novel DealNot all new and recently published books are available and they might be a bit more expensive, but you can still find many titles. For example, I wanted to buy two books by Polish writer Olga Tokarsczuk and AbeBooks had both at around $10 each. The books came absolutely new. If I went to Barnes&Noble, they might not have such author at all or would sell each book for $20.

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Some books at AbeBooks have shipping fee, especially if they come from UK, but it’s usually $3-$5. It still makes the total price a bit higher, but nothing like from conventional bookstores. Last time I shopped there I bought quite a few rare and collectible Mickey’s Young Readers Library stories and Disney Comics for kids for less than $5 each. These books are hard to find and are sold as entire collections on Amazon for a few hundred dollars. AbeBooks might not have them all, but I will get whatever issues I can find. They all came in great shape in about 4 days.

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  • Free Worldwide Shipping on Select Books

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Besides kids’ books, I recently ordered about 12 books for myself. 10 came in a few days, but two last ones are still traveling from UK. That’s completely fine when I pay no more than $10 per book with shipping, I can wait 3 weeks for that.

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AbeBooks.com also offers specials under $10, various deals, sales events, and more. You can find rare books, collections, textbooks, and art & collectibles. Before ordering you can always read about what condition the book will arrive. There are usually many options with very similar prices, so make sure you pick the best offer you can get.

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Overall I haven’t found better deals on books than AbeBooks can offer. I never even look anywhere else anymore. I shop there at night on my phone and during the day on the computer. Ordering is very easy. For example I just went to AbeBooks to see what deals they currently have and saw that The Glass Castle, a memoir, was trending. I clicked on it, saw a used copy for $3.95, and ordered it in 30 seconds for a grand total of $4.56 with taxes. This book new would be $12 at AbeBooks.com, which is still better than you would find anywhere else. This is why I remain a loyal AbeBooks customer and so should you!