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Sugar Dating Is Still Alive

March 16, 2021

Sugar Dating Is Still Alive

This might be surprising, but while you and I are sitting home, dating services like SeekingArrrangement are seeing high numbers of new memberships.

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Girls who have been using more conventional dating sites, like Tinder and Bumble, are turning to sugar dating these days. And there is one very simple reason why – many students lost jobs due to COVID-19 outbreak and quarantine and are in a serious need of cash, and fast. 

Offers for Sugar Babies

Finding a new job amid this ongoing situation is tough, so getting paid for companionship sounds more appealing than ever before. Not every SeekingArrangement meeting has to be a sexual encounter, in fact, some relationships never go there. Sometimes a nice conversation is enough and money starts flowing. If you casually date and talk to people all the time already, why not get paid for that?

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The way SeekingArrangement normally works is when young men and women, called sugar babies, engage in relationships with older men or women, sugar daddies or sugar mommies, for financial benefit. It can be casual dates, dinners, trips, and intimate relationships in exchange for money, gifts, tuition, and even rent payments. Given the current situation in most states, SeekingArrangement encourages virtual relationships. This is really free money if you can get it!

SeekingArrangement Virtual Relationships

As students study from home and with many job losses, SeekingArrangement saw 77% increase in new sugar babies at the end of April, when compared with data from last year. Uncertain future is causing people to look for help from dates, and that’s understandable. Relationships are happening and will continue to happen in the future, so why not get some financial gain from them at the same time?

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There is one other reason for increasing new member numbers – sex workers are also moving online while regular in-person business is halted. SeekingArrangement is working overtime to keep sex workers off their site, because that’s not what this company is about. They monitor language and look for customer reporting to weed such members out.

SeekingArrangement Deal for Sugar Babies

Even before corona hit, students made the biggest number of sugar babies. The site is geared towards their age group with promises of a better life and easier ways to get money to support studies and pay for living. Some students claim to be using SeekingArrangement to build a network and possible leads for jobs.

Deals for Sugar Babies

While many students lose jobs and study from home, their bills are not going anywhere. They still have to pay tuition and student loans, so many find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Some really succeed finding good people for support and advice; others meet future sugar daddies and talk about seeing each other after the pandemic is over. 

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While meeting virtually sounds good, making money without physical connection is not easy. Social distancing in this case can only take you that far. Normally one dinner with a sugar daddy can produce $100. One phone call will never do that.

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While sugar daddies might be lining up for when times are more normal again, sugar babies have to sit tight for now. As sugar daddies are usually older, many don’t want to risk their health and engage in a new relationship that starts in a busy bar. While conversations are simmering, many sugar babies are somewhat subdued and not encouraging the meeting right away. So money has to wait a little longer.

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SeekingArrangement encourages its users to spend more time online, to really get to know the person better before meeting, but they can’t stop the meetings. And rest assured that some meetings are taking place because not everybody is onboard with COVID-19 existence. 

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Finally, online conversations can be a saving grace for many people who are staying home and are isolating alone. Talking to another person and dreaming about meeting them soon can help many of us stay sane and remain hopeful. Sometimes a good conversation can be better than touching a stranger. 

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