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Ordering through Groupon vs. on Personalization Mall Website

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I have been a big fan of Personalization Mall since discovering them a few months ago. I must be a late bloomer because even though I heard of this company before, I never tried visiting them until I was really out of ideas for Christmas gifts. Now it’s my go-to place for gifts for everybody on my list and for every occasion.

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I love how it takes Personalization Mall just 1-2 days to make my orders. All is done, shipped, and received within a week or less. So while it’s not a last minute kind of gift, it doesn’t take weeks of planning either. For example, it’s still plenty of time to order Valentine’s Day gifts for at least another week. You are welcome!

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Everything I have ever ordered from Personalization Mall comes nicely packed and never damaged. I love the quality and the craftsmanship of every single item. So far I have got metal water bottles for kids, mugs for kids, a canvas pencil case, and a metal book mark – all personalized and amazing.

Personalization Mall metal water bottles for kids

Since I have Valentine’s Day gifts taken care of already, I wanted to give myself something nice. I didn’t have to think very hard – I can always use another scented candle in my life. I had quite a few bought for Christmas and they are all almost over, so it was time to get something spring scented and personalized this time.

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Since I am a late bloomer, as noted above, I am just now testing the waters of Groupon. I know this might cause some eye rolls, but here I am. With my desire to buy a scented candle, to save while doing it, and to get it personalized, I visited Groupon and looked for deals for Personalization Mall candles. And I was in luck! There was a candle in a glass jar from Personalization Mall for just $11 (regular price was around $24.99 on the website).

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In got all happy with my savings of over 50% and started figuring out the ordering process, since it was my first time on Groupon. It seemed simple at first – select the deal, select the method of payment, go through it. But before I finished I kept waiting for a screen to pop up for my customization and the chance to upload that cute picture of my kids, but it was nothing.

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I got concerned and started a live chat with Groupon customer support. My only question was where do I personalize? I sure didn’t want to get a candle with some other family on it! It took me about 20 minutes to get through the chat and to get confirmation that personalization will be done at a later stage, on Personalization Mall website. Why couldn’t they just add a line on Groupon, next to the candle, that personalization will be added later? I am sure I wasn’t the only one new at Groupon with the same question. It would’ve saved me and them some time.

Personalization Mall Scented Candle Delivery

But OK, I finished my purchase, received my voucher code, and went to Personalization Mall website on my phone to get that candle. I did that over the phone because my best pictures of kids are there and I didn’t feel like going through the uploading process from one device to another.

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Personalization Mall Scented Candle Coupon

The rest of the process was pretty simple and speedy; I picked the candle scent (lilac), added a picture and two lines of text, typed in the voucher code from Groupon, and was hit with $9.49 shipping charge and $0.77 tax. That put my order total at $10.76. This is in addition to $11 I paid on Groupon. So the grand total became $21.76 plus we need to add an hour of work on both websites and a chat with Groupon customer service. The price of the same candle on Personalization Mall was $24.49 + shipping and + tax. Yes, I should’ve ordered some other thing with the candle to avoid paying for shipping, because shipping is free for orders of $49 and over. If I was going through Personalization Mall website only, I probably would’ve added something else to my order, but now I just wanted to be over with this order.

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Were the savings worth all that hassle? No! I could invest an hour of my time in work and make money, but instead I spent it ordering a candle through Groupon. It literally takes maybe 10 minutes to do that through Personalization Mall website.

Personalization Mall Scented Candle

Often times there are coupons displayed right on the website of Personalization Mall that could help you save more money than Groupon, minus the hassle. For example, free shipping on all orders would’ve done the same thing instead of me spending time and money on two websites for the same discount. Free shipping is a frequent coupon on Personalization Mall, in addition to many other special deals and sales.

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So in conclusion, I love my candle, all is good, the hassle is in the past, but I don’t think I need Groupon in my life, at least not for Personalization Mall orders. And now I am off to light the candle and enjoy the sweet scent of lilac on the last day of January.