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How to Get Ready For Viruses

December 07, 2020

Anti-Viral Face Mask CouponCorona virus has us like…

Viruses of all kinds have visited us and will continue to do so in the future.

Ready for VirusesN95 masks are very hard to find these days/

While most of the time there is no reason to panic and overreact, being prepared might not hurt.

Ready for Viruses 2020Empty shelves where once toilet paper used to be

Every home could benefit from having some supplies in case of emergency; it doesn’t even have to be a virus.

buy supplies in case of emergencySome people shopped before the pandemic and stocked up

If you ever have to stay home on quarantine, it will really help you to have the right supplies and have a right plan of actions.

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Read on and get good ideas how to keep you and your family safe no matter what:

Food items

Amazon Delivery CouponPaper products are very hard to come by anywhere

A good general practice is to have enough food to last you for two weeks in case you have to self-quarantine or if you desire to get out of harm’s way.

Supplies in case of emergencyNon-perishable food stock makes sense when you have to stay home with kids

Two week recommendation comes from American Red Cross.

Emergency Food SupplyWhole foods has seen people looking for natural products

This is what you should stock up on:

  • Canned food ( meats, soup, vegetables, fruit)

Walmart Canned FoodWalmart was an still is catering to a huge amounts of people

  • Dry food – pasta, grain, rice

Walmart GrunchiesDried fruit and healthy snacks from Walmart

  • Dehydrated foods for easy usage and long storage

Foods for Easy Usage and Long StorageGrains like oats are perfect for quarantine at home

  • Snacks (nuts, crackers, and chips)

Get Ready for VirusesSome milk products can be stored for long periods of time


Water is the most essential, but to keep things light, have some other beverages too, especially if you have kids

  • Water ( 1 gallon per person per day)

Walmart Water PromotionWalmart has plenty of water for stocking up

  • Water filters and purification tablets
  • Hydrating drinks, like Gatorade or Pedialyte

GNC PromotionsNatural remedies from Whole Food to keep you hydrated

  • Milk powder and nut milks
  • Soda and juice

Walmart Juice CouponsIt’s a good idea to have juice in addition to water

Personal care and hygiene

CDC advises that disinfecting hands and surfaces are the best practices to fight all viruses, so make sure you have supplies to do that:

  • Antibacterial and regular soaps

Preventing VirusesCleaning supplies are on low supply in most stores

  • Hand sanitizer and wipes with alcohol

Home Depot Hand Sanitizer PromoMore expensive natural cleaners are still available

  • Toilet paper and paper towels

Walmart Paper Towels CouponPaper towels are becoming a distant memory even at Walmart

  • Tissues
  • Feminine care products, adult diapers for elderly

Walmart dish cleaningFull shelves as we remember them

  • Laundry and dish detergent

Walmart Laundry and dish detergentAir fresheners are not deficit just yet

Medical needs

Walmart Pharmacy CouponWalmart is working full capacity, but with reduced hours

You should have a supply of vitamins and fever medication at all times, but having more serious medication stocked is a good practice in times of viruses. It’s recommended to have at least 30 days’ worth of prescription medication if you can. This is what you will need:

  • Over the counter pain killers and fever reducers, cough meds, and antihistamines
  • Prescription medication
  • First aid kit

First Aid Kit CouponFirst aid and survival necessities are important


Baby Food at TargetBaby food and supplies are flying off the shelves

Kids are often resistant to viruses more than adults, but if you stay home, your little one will be staying home too and will need some supplies:

  • Formula, breast milk, and baby food
  • Diapers

Baby Diapers PromoIt’s essential to have diapers with baby at home


The same as with a baby – if you are home without getting out, so is your pet, so make sure to have pet food, medications, and cat litter handy to last you at least 2 weeks.

Pet Food PromotionsPet supplies are also not to be forgotten


Face Masks CouponGetting outside now includes special measures taken

Don’t just go running to get face masks in bulk. They don’t work to prevent you from viruses, but if you get infected, wearing a mask can help protect people around you, so it is a good idea to have some masks at home. If local supplies start running out, you can get them at,, or directly from manufacturers online. Have these handy:

3M medical face maskN95 masks are rare commodity

  • Medical masks

3M Medical MaskMasks for various purposes can help you protect yourself

  • Emergency survival kits

Batteries CouponsIt makes  sense to stock up on batteries

  • Batteries

Walmart Batteries OffersWalmart has good prices and deals on batteries

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Fun things to do

If you are cooped up at home for a long time, it might help to have some entertainment supplies handy for when you are not working remotely or attending school video sessions:

  • Cable or satellite TV, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime

Walmart TV DealsTV’s are affordable at Walmart and can be enjoyed during quarantine

  • Puzzles
  • Board games and playing cards

Kohl's Games DealsBoard games are useful for family entertainment while under ‘stay put’ orders

  • iPads and apps

Walmart iPad DealsiPads at low prices from Walmart for digital learning from home

What can you do to not get sick in the first place:

Covid-19 Ppolice Line

  • Stay away from mass gatherings, airports, and similar places. If you stock up on vital supplies, you will avoid going to supermarkets to shop when viruses are traveling around

Alpha Hand Sanitizer

  • Wash your hands over and over again for at least 20 seconds each time. Make sure your kids wash hands at school
  • If you have to cough or sneeze, do that into your elbow, not hands
  • Use paper tissues and throw them away immediately, don’t carry germs around in your pockets
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Activate emergency alert system for your county to keep up with the latest information
  • Follow your city health department on social media to be in the know
  • Create a plan for what to do if your children’s school or daycare closes for a while due to serious viruses

What should you do if you get sick?

  • Do everything above, wash your hands
  • Call your doctor before you rush to see them in person
  • Stay home, work there, and isolate yourself from others as much as you can
  • Don’t share anything with others

Face Covering

  • Now you should wear that face mask

Medical Face MaskThe best you can do is be careful and protect yourself

  • Have somebody disinfect every toilet and kitchen surface, wash door knobs

Take care of you and your loved ones and stay healthy!

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