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How are Companies Responding to Corona Virus

January 22, 2021

Companies Responding to Corona Virus

Grocery stores are considered the frontiers and essential businesses in our fight with corona virus – they keep us fed and thus stay open through everything. The same can’t be said about fashion and beauty brands and retailers. However, some of them are not happy to stay on the sidelines and are jumping into action to help wherever and however they can.

Another reason for that, the less heroic one perhaps, is the fact that people simply don’t buy what they used to buy and the companies have to reevaluate their products and their purpose. We are happy they do that though – hand sanitizer and toilet paper are a lot more important now than new sparkly eye shadows and new jeans.

Companies Corona Virus Deals

These are the brands that are working hard to make a good name for themselves all while helping all of us:

  • Dior – making surgical masks to be donated to essential workers. Talk about style and purpose!

Dior Promotion

  • Pretty Little Thing – the CEO is donating his March salary to help local businesses. I say it must be one hell of the salary!
  • MAC Cosmetics – donating $10 million to 250 organizations for corona relief efforts.

MAC Cosmetics Deals

  • Beiersdorf – donating skin care products and hand sanitizer to medical workers.
  • New Balance – making general use face masks at 100,000 per week, which is needed a lot more than athletic footwear these days.
  • Jockey – making and giving away face masks, gowns, and scrubs to doctors and nurses.
  • Tanya Taylor – making 5,000 masks for hospital personnel. It’s definitely a good start!
  • Michael Kors – promised $2 million for NYC hospitals and non-profit organizations.

Michael Kors Promo

  • Tan-Luxe – making 10,000 units of hand sanitizer, which will be 100% distributed to those in need.
  • Mango – making 2 million facial masks to be donated in Spain hospitals.
  • Chanel – instead of normal fashion items, the fashion powerhouse is producing stylish face masks.

Chanel Offers

  • Brooks Brothers – the company is making 150,000 masks per day and planning to start making medical gown as well. Now this is how you outfit customers during corona outbreak!
  • Burberry – making masks, transforming trench coat factory into surgical gown making factory, and pledging money for vaccine research is how British people tackle the issue at hand.
  • Orly – this nail polish maker is making hand sanitizers to be donated to Los Angeles homeless population and later for sale to public.
  • Unilever – the beauty giant is giftingg $20 million in products and services in the US and $540 cash worldwide for those affected by COVID-19.
  • Ralph Lauren - $10 million in donations for employees, various relief funds, and WHO.
  • Gucci – pledging 2 million euros for Italian and world organizations fighting COVID-19.

Gucci Discount

  • Christian Siriano – offered to NY governor Andrew Cuomo to make masks instead of fashion while there is need, which might be for a while.
  • Big Bud – this Los Angeles based company might not be big, but it has big heart. They pledged to make 100-200 masks per day and donate them to local institutions.
  • L’Oréal – making hand sanitizer and hydroalcoholic gel.
  • Nike - $15 million in donations for people in communities where their employees reside. This move is definitely inspiring and hits close to heart.

Nike Coupons

  • Estee Lauder – giving $2 million to Doctors Without Borders and keeping one factory open to make hand sanitizer.

Estee Lauder Promo

  • GAP – just like many others, the company is selflessly making PPE gear for local hospitals in California.

GAP Promo

  • Canada Goose – Canadian neighbors are making hospital gowns and scrubs for everybody affected by COVID-19.
  • The Body Shop – donated care packages to hospitals and made 30,000 cleansing products for shelters and senior care institutions.
  • Kenneth Cole – 20% of sales will be donated to WHO COVID-19 response fund.
  • Alice & Olivia – 25% off for everybody, free delivery, and 10% net profit donation to No Kid Hungry until the end of the pandemic.
  • Dear Annabelle – 15% off everything and 10% sales donation to City Meals on Wheels.
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