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Free Stuff During Coronavirus

December 22, 2020

Walmart Great Offers

While we hear so many bad news every day from the media and witness COVID-19 cases grow exponentially, we often forget to look for inspirational stuff. And there is plenty of that happening around us – from communities mobilizing to help elderly to free online resources for homeschooling and entertaining for kids, to families bonding at home and mother Earth taking a break from pollution.

Walmart Kids Learning Toys

We, people, always look for hope and that’s how it should be. If we stick together and forget our differences even if it’s just for a few weeks, we can overcome anything. I believe that vaccine will be made and some medication will be created. In the meantime let’s look for inspiring stories and businesses that are doing the right things amid chaos:


Walmart Grocery Promo 20off

The retail giant has incredible supply chains that are proving life-saving these days. Walmart is one of a few retailers and grocers that can almost keep up with demand when so many others can’t, including the mighty Amazon. I order from both of them all the time, but lately Amazon seems to be overwhelmed and lost, while Walmart deliveries are working nicely. I ordered paper towels from Walmart a few days ago and received them on time, as promised. Most other retailers and Amazon don’t even have any paper towels.

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Walmart Delivery Offers

I also ordered my usual water bottles from Amazon, and they said they had them, but it will take about 10 days instead of usual 2. OK, I could live with that. Unfortunately, today I received an email from Amazon that the order was damaged during shipping and now the item is undeliverable. I have never seen anything like that.

Walmart Grocery Promo 2020

Walmart, on the other hand, is taking longer than usual, but deliveries are still working. In addition to deliveries, the retailer said it will be hiring 150,000 new associates; people who have been fired from their jobs during this crisis can apply.

Walmart Delivery Discount Code

I am finding new respect for Walmart, even though before I was quite angry with them for not paying living wages to their employees, slow service, and for killing all the small business around its stores. I suppose I can shift some of that anger towards Amazon now.

Walmart Promotional Offers

Irvine Valley College

Irvine Valley College Promo

IVC moved all the classes online until the end of this school year and the staff works remotely. However, even this affluent school realizes that some students don’t own devices to be able to complete digital learning tasks at home and attend classes online. This is why the college is giving away some laptops and hotspots. The quantity is limited and only those most in need will get the support, but everything counts.

Irvine Valley College Deals

Charter, Comcast, and Spectrum

All three companies are offering students free internet for 60 days to enable them to participate in their digital learning classes. This is a huge help for some families who have trouble making ends meet even without this crisis that corona virus is bringing.


Books Scholastic Success

All the students in the United States and many all over the world are stuck at home and often bored after the little daily school work is complete. Scholastic is there to lend you a hand in this time of need. You can find free classes on their new website Learn at Home. They offer daily education for kids K-6 and older. The lessons are fun, but they do cover all kinds of subjects.

So far the company released 5 days’ worth of content, but 15 more are being created right now. The classes offer 3 hours of work each day on lessons, projects, virtual trips, and geographical challenges.


This is another company that is here to help and is offering college students free 30 days of storage. As students are leaving campuses and going home, they will need some place to leave their dorm furnishings and personal items, so this help is very timely. This offer is usually extended to communities affected by natural disasters. Corona outbreak is definitely one of them.

Stay strong and stay healthy!

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