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FabFitFun vs. CauseBox

FabFitFun vs. CauseBox

I want to use the best beauty products and be informed about trendy things, but I don’t want to spend time shopping for all that, so I have turned to subscription boxes and so far I have tried Macy’s Beauty Box, Glossy Box, Birchbox, FabFitFun, and CauseBox. Out of all of them two stand out the most – FabFitFun and CauseBox. Actually, up until I tried CauseBox very recently, I was a huge fan of FabFitFun. All other boxes were small and mostly delivered sample size items, which didn’t appeal to me that much, even though they all come once a month vs. every quarter.

FabFitFun Beauty Box Offers

FabFitFun and CauseBox have very many similarities and not so many differences. They both come every three months and include seasonal products, so you can expect something for winter, spring, summer, and fall. They both are geared towards women and include items for beauty, fitness, fashion, health, and home. FabFitFun started making boxes for men recently.

FabFitFun Box for Him Coupon

FabFitFun sends 7-10 curated products in each box, some of them are picked by experts for everybody and some can be chosen by annual members. All products are full size and the box costs $49.99 if paid on a quarterly basis. You can save money if paying for 4 yearly boxes in advance. The first box can be purchased for $39.99.

FabFitFun Winter Editors Box Coupons

CauseBox sends 6-8 items that are also full size. You can expect to get beauty, makeup, apparel, accessories, art, home décor, and fitness products. Most items are also hand-picked by people at CauseBox, while s a few can be selected by customers. This box is a bit more expensive than FabFitFun - $54.99 per box, but also with savings for yearly membership.

Causebox Annual Subscription Coupon

The price is of both boxes is similar and so is the value - $200-$300 per box. This is the amount if you add up all item prices as they are given on the websites. In reality, the box is only worth the price of what you end up using. I think it’s safe to assume that you won’t find all the items equally useful and good for you. Fortunately, even if you don’t use something, you can always give those items as gifts that won’t cost anything extra for you. I loved that I was able to give two brand new items to two people on my Christmas list.

Causebox Coupon winter 2020

The main difference of both boxes is their message and the selection of brands. FabFitFun delivers mostly well-known and trendy brands, but once in a while you will receive products from new companies that are seeking to innovate the industry or offer a brand new product.

Causebox Coupon Code Winter 2020

CauseBox is more about the cause, hence the name. And I love this about them – the company features small businesses, introduces companies with social responsibility, and products that are more natural, cruelty free, and carry some message. For example, you can expect candles made of beeswax, cruelty-free leather handbags, jewelry that support fight against human trafficking, natural beauty products, bamboo or recycled materials in some items, reusable sponges or makeup removers, and so much more.

Causebox Knit Throw Blanket Promotion

I enjoy buying things that are better for my family, and getting CauseBox gives me the feeling that the items are simply more natural and less harmful, so better for me. I feel that the company invests in that mindset and it really resonates with me. Yes, it’s a few dollars more expensive, but it’s definitely worth to me.

Causebox Wyld Konjac Facial Cleansing Sponge Winter 2020

Besides the message and the idea FabFitFun and CauseBox are very much alike. I can definitely attest to the fact that only 2-3 items per box will be used and loved no matter which company you decide to go with. You can also save $10 on both first boxes. Your friends will be jealous about and interested in both boxes. And finally, you will enjoy getting both boxes just about the same, unless you are like me and prefer natural products – in that case you will like CauseBox a bit more.

Causebox La Lueur Candles offer

Let me share with you what I received in winter boxes from both companies:


  • Plush Faux Fur Blanket - $84
  • Pom Pom hat and fingerless gloves from Rebecca Minkoff - $65
  • Vegan antibacterial Makeup Eraser - $12
  • Ahava Dead Sea natural bath salts - $16
  • Paper Source 2020 planner - $20
  • Battington Beauty Lashes - $16
  • Adore Jewelry gold-plated bracelet - $28
  • Drybar Prep Rally Primer, Prep, and Detangler - $12
  • Human + Kind natural body soufflé - $30

Total price is $283

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  • 20% OFF Your Box with code FRESH


  • Knit Throw Blanket - $120

CauseBox Knit Throw Blanket

  • La Lueur Candles Black Currant Vetiver Candle - $35

Causebox La Lueur Candles Black Currant Vetiver Candle

  • Wyld Konjac Facial Cleansing Sponge - $17

Causebox Wyld Konjac Facial Cleansing Sponge

  • La Beaute Soi 10 Piece Makeup Brush Set - $24

Causebox La Beaute Soi 10 Piece Makeup Brush Set

  • Vivit Daily Hair Vitamin E - $30

Causebox Vivit Daily Hair Vitamin E promotion

  • SOKO Petite Bow Earrings - $42
  • Simply Straws Rose Gold Skinny 3 Pack - $24

Total price is $291

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  • 20% OFF Your First Box with code EG20
  • Take $10 OFF Your First Box when use code WELCOME10

To emphasize my point one last time, I’ll say it again – CauseBox has a message and more natural products, while FabFitFun features more famous brands and trendy products, but overall they are not that different.

For now I am tempted to go with CauseBox, but I might give them both another try, just to be completely sure about which one I want to get delivered to my door every three months.