Walmart Grocery Coupon $10 | August 2019

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Why the "Happy to Help Walmart Voucher 10% Off" makes people happy.

Walmart always offers unprecedented deals and outstanding customer service. Usually, the balance between quality and value for money is always there; however, it’s impossible to consistently stay within the company’s values and standards, especially online. Occasionally, you may receive a used or opened package even though you ordered a new one. This type of incident has left many customers feeling frustrated and cheated. Walmart has realized this, and as a result, they have started issuing the “Happy to Help” 10% off coupon to help you get an even better deal and to compensate for your unfortunate incident. Of course, there are many other ways to obtain this astonishing deal; for example, you can get the coupon on eBay for only $4. Keep in mind that you must make a purchase more than $50 to actually save anything. Since the maximum discount is $20, my best advice would be to plan your purchase so that you end up spending as close as you can to $200, but not go over $200. Using this method, you’re guaranteed to get the best deal.

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How to Save on Groceries with Walmart Grocery Delivery and $10 off Coupon

Walmart Groceries $10 Off

Walmart is making great strides to expand its online grocery delivery and to cover more territory. To achieve that the retail giant just added four more delivery companies to its already sizable fleet. Point Pickup, Skipcart, AxleHire, and Roadie will now be a part of Walmart’s Online Grocery Deliveries in expanded metro areas in four states. Currently Walmart grocery delivery is available in 800 stores and planned expansion is rapid – 800 new stores are being added this year alone.

Walmart Grocery Pickup Deal

Modern consumers are getting busier and busier with jobs, various after school activities, and travel, so Walmart wants to step in to help them save not only time, but money too. Convenience is a powerful tool every retailer strives to have, according to Tom Ward, senior wise president of digital Walmart operations. With the help of those new delivery partners, convenience and low Walmart prices will become even more accessible for people who might need it most. Elderly and handicapped people from rural areas will for the first time be able to try what it means to get groceries delivered right to their homes.

Walmart Grocery Delivery Promotion Offer

The new expansion will also require personal shoppers and the delivery networks for the new joining delivery companies, but this way more jobs will be created and consumers will be able to improve their diet with fresh produce and extra time to cook a healthy meal when the need to spend time driving and shopping will no longer stand in the way of that.

Walmart Fresh Offers

Personal shoppers will have to complete a three-week training program to learn the basics of customer service and improve their ability to pick the freshest produce and the best meat cuts for their clients.

Best Meat Cuts from Walmart

Nothing will be off-limits for those shopping online – they will be able to get all high quality fresh staples like produce, seafood, bakery, deli, and dairy products along with pantry items, consumables, and various seasonal items.

Walmart Seafood

In some areas groceries can be delivered the same day, within hours. The online system is very simple and user-friendly. There is a standard fee and a minimum $30 order requirement for online delivery. You don’t have to subscribe to any membership and will never have to deal with any price mark-ups. Over 300 metro areas will be added to the list of delivery locations in 2019.

Walmart Grocery on sale

Another great service that is getting more and more popular is ordering online and then picking it up from the store at your convenience and without any fees. You don’t even have to get out of your car – an associate will have your order carefully selected and brought to you.

Cupcakes at Walmart

The service is loved by busy moms and on-the-go families alike. This “Grocery Hero” is currently available in 2,100 stores nationwide and is planned to be included in another 1,000 this year.

Exotic Dragon Fruit at Walmart



 Walmart vs Target 
 Black Friday Offers 

When it comes to Black Friday, competition is fierce among the biggest retailers, but not as fierce as between Walmart and Target. Target released its 47-page Black Friday ad and set a tone for best deals in the industry only to have it rivaled by Walmart with its 32-page offers. All we have left to do is compare those both deals and see where we would benefit the most:

Better deals at Walmart

According to Walmart’s Black Friday ad, the online sales start before Target’s, at 10 pm ET on Wednesday. Target’s sales go live on Thursday.

XBox One X Deals to be had at Walmart: $399 for Xbox One X 1TB Consoles and all other Xbox One X bundles for $70 off.

Nintendo Switch Bundle Deal with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle is $299. Target has the same deal for $0.99 more. Technically Walmart wins even if by less than a dollar.

iPhone Deals at Walmart

iPhone deals: Walmart gives $300 gift card for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR activation, where Target gives only $250. Walmart also offers $400 gift card with iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, and iPhone X activation – Target has only $150 gift card.

Google Home Hub + Free $10 VUDU credit and 6 months free YouTube Premium for $99. Target also sells Google Home Hub for exactly the same price, but without any extras included.

Better deals at Target

Target will open an hour earlier on Thanksgiving than Walmart, so it’s a win by an hour. You can come in to Target at 5 pm on November 22, while Walmart opens its doors at 6 pm.

Target will be offering free two-day shipping on all orders, no minimum. Last year only free standard shipping was available. Walmart will also offer free two-day shipping, but only on orders off $35 and above. Most items from Black Friday will qualify, but not all.

Target’s REDcard carries 5% discount every day and Black Friday is no exception. In addition to 5%, REDcard holders will get access to some deals as early as November 21st. Walmart does not have similar card at all, so target wins hands down.

Samsung TV Deals

Xbox One S 1TB Bundle deal is $0.99 more expansive at Target than Walmart, but you will get $20 gift card, so Target wins here.

Target wins in TV deals. It has 20 amazing offers and specials, while Walmart has only 7. A couple of deals are better at Walmart, but we are talking about quantity here. The best Target TV deal is Element 55” Smart TV 4K UHD TV for $199.99, which is $180 savings.

When it comes to great offers and deals, it’s up to you to decide what you need the most and where can you get it. The atmosphere, the location, and your personal shopping habits play an important role too.