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Spokeo – What and How

Spokeo was created in 2006 by three Stanford University graduates as a platform to hold all your social media profiles together. It later evolved into a people search engine and is known as such to this day. The search engine is very useful for private people search and as an information gathering tool, but it shouldn’t be used as a way for consumer credit evaluation or consumer reporting for employment, tenant screening, or insurance. Spokeo is never used for government needs and is not FCRA approved. Other than that it’s a great tool for publicly available info about people.

Spokeo is known as fast, flexible, and affordable. You can choose one of 6 different methods of search that are tailored for your needs. You can find lots of generic information about a person of interest to you or zero in on more specific and harder to find details.

If you have doubts, you can try this service for 7 days for just $0.95. Monthly subscription is also very affordable and enables you to perform many searches each month. Low price doesn’t mean low speed; on the contrary, you can usually generate a report in about 5 minutes, which is how long it takes Spokeo searching capabilities to go through billions of data points.


Spokeo costs $23.76 per month if paid monthly or $13.75 for 3-month subscription. Generally speaking, the more months you prepay for, the cheaper it gets. All plans have limited searches per month and they don’t roll over if unused, which is the main complaint by users.

Reports available

You can do persons, background, criminal records checking, phone number lookup, email address and social media searches. The specific information made available for you by Spokeo includes aliases, addresses, phone number, person’s age, email address, marriages, divorces, and education.

Various searches provide varying results. Online presence, unknown email address lookup, and username searches will show you that person’s social media involvement, dating website activity, blogs and photos, videos, and reviews written about products.

Spokeo is also great for looking up an unknown number. You will find data about the person who has been calling and his network carrier. Knowing who bothers you, helps you find ways to report that entity and stop the calls.

Criminal searches are the best, because you can find arrests, court rulings, sex offender status, and even arrest warrants. Marriages and divorces are also easy to find.

How legit is Spokeo?

Spokeo promises to use publicly available information to generate a report and that’s what it does. Sure, after long and tedious search, you might be able to generate such report yourself, but Spokeo saves time and effort. It’s kind of like paying for a restaurant meal even if you can make it yourself.

Spokeo os not FCRA complaint, so you won’t get private records and won’t be able to use the found data for official purposes.

How does Spokeo work?

The search engine doesn’t store any data, but instead looks at the newest info available in real time, so nothing will be outdated. Spokeo visits federal, state, county, and city records. It also looks for online presence, including social media sites, blogs, online shopping, and even magazine subscriptions. Spokeo has access to billions of records and will definitely find all available information. Even a person from abroad will be accessed if he or she has any online presence.

Best Spokeo features

  • Real time searches – no information is stored on its servers or clouds. This means that all searches are done in real time and come from the newest possible data found anywhere.
  • Social media networks – Spokeo started as social media profile aggregator and this is what the company knows best. Besides FaceBook and Twitter, 63 smaller social media sites are searched and results reported back to you.
  • International searches – your subject of interest doesn’t have to live in the US, because any online presence anywhere will be found and reported.

Customer Service

Spokeo customer service can be reached via live chat on weekdays 8am to 5pm only, but you can call or send an email any time day or night. FAQ section is also very useful and you can find many answers there before contacting anybody.

In conclusion, Spokeo is best known for its speed and flexibility. Real time info can be provided even about people who don’t reside in the US. Price is also good. The only downside is limited amount of searches each month.