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Seeking Arrangement Honest Review 

Let’s start by figuring out what exactly is Seeking Arrangement and how it differs from all other dating sites. This site is for men and women openly looking for money-based relationships. Young women, or sugar babies, are searching for older men as their sugar daddies to help them financially in exchange for a relationship. This is the main difference from all other dating sites. Once you pass this primary financial aspect, everything else functions pretty much the same - potential lovers create a profile, upload a nice picture, create a personal description, and use tools to find best matches.

Monetary focus is visible everywhere. You won’t find any personality tests or matching formulas involved. The only thing that matches you and your suitor is the money you are looking and another side offers. This thing is not hidden – sugar daddy salary is posted out in the open while sugar baby’s desired monthly amount is equally visible on the profile.

The levels of desired amounts vary a great deal. Some women expect to go out once in a while and others expect their life to be fully and comfortably provided for. Sugar babies often describe what sugar daddy’s money will be used for – from designer clothing to rent and education. To top it all there are even Amazon wish list with gift suggestions, so sugar daddies never have to miss when gift guessing.

Sugar daddies are held to very high standards and their income is verifiable. However unusual it sounds, the site only works because people have to be able to prove their claims of seven-figure salaries and such. Sugar daddies also go through extensive background checks to make sure no sugar baby is put in danger of domestic abuse or violent characters.

All of those verification features are available to paid members only, so if you just want to browse a little, you can do that with your free basic account. Free account is just that – simple and doesn’t include any features. You won’t even be able to read messages you get with free account. Everybody who is at all serious about such dating has paid accounts on Seeking Arrangement.

The next level is premium membership, which is a bit more expensive than some standard dating site memberships, but not outrageous. If you are serious about finding a girl for you fast, consider paying $1,200 for a month and become a Diamond Club member. This will have your profile displayed among the best sugar daddies on the site, which will get you a lot of interest and messages.

The site is wonderful for heterosexual men who have extra money to spend on beautiful young women in their life. There are a lot more women than men on the site, so the choice is in men’s hands. You would think that most relationships are forged between old wealthy men and young but financially disadvantaged women, but this is not always the case on this website. There are older women and younger men relationships and some gay unions too that come out from Seeking Arrangement memberships.

The site is easy to use, simple, and pleasant. You won’t have to deal with annoying pop-ups and will find that everything works fast and efficiently. There is even a blog where users share funny stories, tips, and entertaining statistics.

Sites like that often have a reputation for being a fancy escort service, but its CEO Brandon Wade disagrees and states that Seeking Arrangements prohibits any form of prostitution. It’s really up to the sugar baby to determine if sexual relationship is in the cards or not. Some ladies are against it all together while others are very interested. Only one thing is certain – money will be involved in whatever relationship form people will engage in. Everyone knows what to expect, there is no guessing games and chances of marriages between poor people and hook ups between wealthy. Everybody on this site is after the same thing. The relationship is built on finances and the elephant in the room is eliminated from the get go.

Signing up

It’s a simple process. It takes a few minutes to sign up for a free teaser account. Once you create a free account and upload pictures, it will be frozen for up to 48 hours for approval. This wait is eliminated if you go straight for the premium membership.  Profiles are easy to complete and very to the point. Premium account includes background check, credit check, income verification, and others. All that will take some time, so be patient.

Members and messages

As we said before, there are more ladies than gents, so sugar daddies have more choices. Many sugar babies are students who need extra income. Browsing is easy and quite interestin.g Search tools will help you narrow your search and be very specific. Premium members can message as much as they want. Free accounts get messages, but users can’t read them and are forced to open a premium account.

Key features:

  • Sugar babies’ pictures are visible only with permission due to privacy concerns
  • Diamond Club members can broadcast their financial status
  • Amazon wish list for picking the perfect gift for your lady
  • Income verification for trust
  • Profile boosts to help attract more prospects

Safety and security

Your information is kept safe and confidential from any other party. If you start missing payments, your account might be sent to a collection agency. According to the agreement that you sign with the company, Seeking Arrangements will have to share your personal information with authorities if required by law. The site also collects general statistics to share with its partners, but no personal information is included in this.

All communications with the site are SSL-encrypted and data is stored indefinitely.

The main competitors of Seeking Arrangements are, Wealthy Men, and

Naturally, the site has seen some high profile scandals, given its nature. Anthony Weiner was caught using it in 2011 and the website enjoyed some considerable traffic during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida in 2012. Finally, the CEO Brandon Wade made a famous claim that “Love is a concept invented by poor people”. All this publicity did a ton of good for