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Pedigree Review

I think it’s safe to say that every dog owner has heard about Pedigree food. Even those without dogs have seen ads and food bags at their local grocery stores and pet supply stores. This food is sold everywhere and has been among the most popular brands for decades.

Pedigree has catered to individual owners, kennel clubs, and animal shelters through the years. This is why it’s not surprising that everybody has an opinion about this food. What is surprising though is that not all users like this brand despite its ongoing popularity.

Reviews from pet owners are generally favorable because dogs often like Pedigree food better than some other brands. Expert reviews look a little different as they examine the ingredients and their quality.

Besides the fact that dogs like this brand, dry and canned food contains lots of essential vitamins and nutrients, such as calcium, potassium, phosphate, folic acid, and many others. Most pet parents are enjoying how affordable the food is, both canned and dried. Not everybody can afford craft organic pet foods, especially families with multiple pets or low income.

Now let’s get to the cons:

  • The main ingredient in all Pedigree foods is corn. Sure, it’s cheap filler, but dogs don’t always digest it. It can also cause allergies and skin problems.
  • Pedigree has lots of grain of all kinds. Dogs don’t digest grain well and thus produce extra gas and waste. There is really no need for all the corn meal, soybean meal, and ground whole wheat to be included and yet it all is very much included.
  • The company also uses lots of artificial colors and dyes, which are not needed for dogs whatsoever.
  •  Finally, Pedigree includes BHA, which is used to preserve animal fat, but can also cause cancer.
  • Pedigree foods have been recalled a few times, but that happens to all brands from time to time.

While Pedigree foods might not be rated 100% favorably, many pet owners buy it because they contain essential nutrients and are affordable. Stay cautious, however, and evaluate if the negative aspects make Pedigree worth feeding to your beloved furry family members. Before starting on low price food like this, consult your vet and do some more research.

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  • Pedigree Choice Cuts in Gravy Steak & Vegetable canned food, 12 cans - $11.76
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  • Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Mint Flavored Large Dental Dog Treats, 36 count - $10.73
  • Pedigree Chopped Ground Dinner Beef, Bacon & Cheese flavored canned dog food, 12 cans - $20.16
  • Pedigree High Protein Beef & Lamb flavored dry food, 46.8lbs - $26.49
  • Pedigree Chopped Ground Dinner variety pack with chicken, filet mignon & beef wet food pouches, 18 count - $9.98
  • Pedigree Mini Jumbone Real beef flavor dog treats, 35 count - $7.34
  • Pedigree Marrobone real beef flavor biscuit dog treats, 6lbs bag - $12.24

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