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McAfee Antivirus Program Main Specs

McAfee Antivirus Plus

McAfee is one of the best antivirus programs available for home and business protection. The program’s licensing allows clients to use it for as many devices as needed. In addition to payed components, McAfee offers free tools for parental control and spam blocking, making it perfect for many families regardless of their budget for membership and various extras.

In the market of antivirus programs, McAfee stands out for its capabilities, 30-day money back guarantee, and customer support for advanced encryption services. The system might be a bit lacking in real-time protection and is often criticized for a high pressure they put on your device, but the price is so competitive that a few negatives get overlooked. The pressure is within the norms of the industry and actually below average, so don’t let this statement deter you.

What are some pros?

  • The system is very easy to install , to use, and to modify with settings for the most amateur computer specialists
  • The protection level is way above average and sufficient for most homes and businesses
  • All viruses are removed 100% and there are no leftover traces

What are some cons?

  • Price is above average in the industry
  • The program uses your device extensively to do its job

Today’s climate, unfortunately, calls for extra security measures even if Windows 10 and Mac OS systems already come with standard protections. Those standard protections are just not enough to protect from viruses and apps that come to steal your Bitcoins and sensitive data. McAfee is a strong antivirus program that is easy to use and offers complete protection affordably.

The company was formed in 1987, when all tech industry was in its infancy. McAfee was bought by Intel in 2010 and with its resources became one of 5 main antivirus manufacturers in the world. With the other four systems competing toe to toe, it is very important to keep improving and there are a few areas where improvement wouldn’t hurt.

What are the most important features of McAfee system?

  • Full-feature protection is offered
  • The system is easy to use and intuitive
  • Above average reliability, but there is some room for improvement
  • Above average value for all the features
  • 30-day money back is guaranteed

When it comes to security, McAfee definitely delivers with routine virus scanning and real-time protection while data is being uploaded to your machine. According to experts, the system is in the top ranking for traditional virus detection. During lab tests, done by independent third-party companies, McAfee was flawless in traditional detection, but fell a bit behind leaders in real-time scanning. And this is unanimously recognized as the main flaw of McAfee systems.

McAfee doesn’t decrease the performance of your device when you have the program running in the background, which is very important. In fact, the program is one of the least demanding systems in the industry for your CPU and hard drive.

In 2018 McAfee earned perfect 18-point score for detecting malware, malicious websites, and doing all that while putting little strain on your device. Unfortunately, McAfee did not recognized ransomware apps in the lab settings, but despite that, it performs great in real-life situations.

When tested for phishing website protection, McAfee recognized 100% of threats and was able to stop them, making it an industry leader together with Kaspersky antivirus program.

McAfee is extremely easy to use and you don’t have to be a programmer to understand the stats and navigate the interface. You can easily use parental control, adjust anti-spam settings, configure firewall, and schedule virus scans. All of that can be done without rebooting your computer during the installation or later.

McAfee interface got a facelift in 2017 for Windows and 2018 for Mac OS systems. All the items are now on the menu and accessible with one click, except for scanning. You can see your account, privacy, security, identify, and home in the menu tab. Scan options are separate and offer Full scan or Quick scan. The first scan will take as long as 30 minutes, but subsequent scanning will be pretty fast in the future.

What packages are available from McAfee?

McAfee Total Protection:

McAfee Total Protection

  • Antimalware, antispam, and ransomware protection
  • Secure encrypted storage
  • Secure payments
  • File shredding and quick clean
  • PC boost
  • Identity theft protection
  • Parental control
  • Packages for 1, 5, or 10 devices

McAfee LiveSafe:

  • Almost identical features
  • Unlimited amount of devices

McAfee LiveSafe

What does it cost to install McAfee?

There are a few Total Protection plans with discounts:

  • 1 device - $39.99 (30% off)
  • 5 devices - $44.99 (45% off)
  • 10  devices - $49.99 (60% off)
  • McAfee LiveSafe - $104.99 ($5 off)