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H&R Block Review for 2020 Free Online Filing

New Year's Eve is celebrated and done, and if you are not shopping for Valentine's Day gifts, you might be thinking about taxes. Yes, it's that sad time of the year. It is sad, because filing takes a huge amount of time and effort. This year, like before, H&R Block is again in the top 5 tax software tax program list.

H&R offers a free version that covers lots of normal tax filing situations, and a few paid tiers with prices that people love more than at TurboTax. Currently Amazon is offering great deals on H&R Block software and 4% refund bonus with Amazon gift card purchase.

This is what we think about H&R Block and if it's worth the savings:

Is it really free?

Federal and State tax filing is free if you qualify for any of these situations:

  • W-2 income
  • Social Security income
  • Student loan interest
  • Childcare expenses

People with earned tax credit or child tax credit can really enjoy H&R Block free software and file it problem-free.

What do paid plans look like?

They do look similar to what is available from TurboTax, but $15-$20 lower for each tier. The Premium tier is $35 cheaper than TurboTax and includes more options. All in all, the best value from H&R Block is the free online version and the Premium plan.

This is what all the prices look like:

  • Free Online – for simple filings, $0 total cost, $36.99 for Federal or State Assistance.
  • Deluxe – for itemizing and HSA accounts, $66.98 total cost, $69.99 for Federal and $36.99 for State assist.
  • Premium – for landlords, investors, self-employed, and side-hustlers, $86.98 total, $109.99 for Federal and $36.99 for State assist.
  • Self-employed – for landlords, home sellers, and investors - $116.98 total, $139.99 for Federal and $36.99 for State assist.

How does H&R Block navigation work?

According to people who use this software for their tax filing needs, the questionnaires at the beginning at each section are helpful, but the guided navigation is kind of redundant after a while. Some users say that it jumps around from W-2 to 1099-INT and back again for no reason.

People do love H&R Block form entry, which make the process uniform and simple by breaking up the forms in a few screens if needed. Users can also navigate the software themselves, which helps for double checking at the end. The program then provides summaries after each complete section.

H&R Block program is loved for the ease of use, simple standard form uploading, and language that can be understandable to every user. There are articles linked throughout the process and a free live chat support for all who need some assistance still.

What articles can you find and use on H&R Block software?

In addition to articles that come up while you are filing, there is a user forum with questions and answers, and also a library of in-depth articles. If tax articles are not your cup of tea, you can also do these:

  • Ask a pro inside the product 7 days a week
  • Chat with technical support 24/7
  • Call technical support 7 days a week
  • Get H&R Block employee to review your finished tax return before filing. It is for extra fee and remote, so you won't have to go an office.
  • H&R Block also offers free Tax Identity Theft monitoring and restoration.

How does H&R Block handle crypto currency income?

There are instructions with explanations how to handle crypto currency exchange, but it is basically treated as any other capital gain.

Can H&R Block professional file your taxes online?

Yes, and this is a great option for those who need professional tax accountant help, but also don't want to go to any office or pay CPA fees.

With Tax Pro Go service, you can book them, see the prices, upload your documents, and have your return filed within 5 days from the comfort of your home. As tax deadline approaches, allow for more than 5 days. The total cost of this service ranges from $49 to $329, but it's still nothing when compared with CPA pricing.

Should you use H&R Block for 2019-2020?

It really is up to you. H&R Block is mostly known for its huge store network, where you can get a tax professional file your tax returns for you. It will cost a lot more than filing them online yourself with the help of H&R Block software. In-store filing also offers up to $3,500 Tax Refund Advance starting January 4th.

Online filing options and prices from H&R Bloch are looking very good, especially the free and the Premium options. While not the most expensive tax software, H&R Block is also not the cheapest, so don't expect to find prices like you would with TaxSlayer Classic or TaxHawk. However, you use this program only once a year and thus a small fee for filing online convenience shouldn't be a big deal.