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Hill’s Dog Food Review

Hill's Dog Food Promotion

Ever since I got my dog Marlo, a currently one year old Portuguese Water Dog, I was feeding him the same food his breeder was feeding him, which is Purina ProPlan Sport. I brought him home when he was just 2 months old and was scared to change his food, especially when he didn’t mind eating it.

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As time went on, he would get tired of the same thing, even with my additions of something tasty and flavorful – canned dog food or a few spoons of soup from our table. I noticed that Marlo would get very excited about every new flavor and love it for about two days, after which I would have to return back to adding tasty stuff to mix his new dry food with.

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Long story short, I am always on the lookout for tasty food that would also be good for him and gentle on his stomach, which is quite sensitive. After trying new foods or getting too many treats, we had to make a few trips to the vet to get medication to help his stomach settle down after days of problems. So I know not to introduce anything new without careful considerations.

Hill's Science Diet Dog Food

Chewy has become my new go-to-place for all Marlo’s needs, from toys and healthy chews, to medication and dog food. I have never had any problems with my orders, everything came fast and in perfect shape, so I decided to look for healthy high quality dry and canned dog food to see if Marlo would like it better than his old food. II think it’s time we took a little break from that.

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I saw ads for Hill’s Science Diet dog food, but after looking at options on Amazon and other places, I decided that it might be out of my budget reach. And indeed, a large 30 pound bag of this dry food is about $57 on Amazon and on Chewy.com.

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Sure, you can save 10% on it with auto order, but I wanted to try it before I go for full subscription.

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This is why I went on Chewy.com and ordered 2 different 4-lbs bags of dry food and 12-cans of Chicken and Barley Entrée. I always choose Chewy.com even if the price is the same as on Amazon because I like their customer service and options better, and most of the time everything is cheaper there too.

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After I ordered all this food for just $50, I got a notification that my order is on the way to be delivered in 2 days, as I always expect from Chewy.com. Unfortunately or fortunately, we had an unexpected snow storm and that delayed my order for one day. It was totally no problem as I had plenty of our usual food and Marlo had a blast in the snow for the entire day.

After the food arrived, Marlo could smell it from inside the box. I think he knows that heavy boxes with purple letters mean something good for him, so he was anxious and kept giving me his paw for hi five! while I was unpacking the goodies. He does that when he is looking for a treat.

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Just like always with Chewy’s orders, everything was nicely packed and not dented or broken. The case of canned food had a special thick paper lid to protect the cans while shipping. After reading the labels, I decided to let Marlo try Special Weight Adult Chicken Recipe. While he has no problem with weight, I just wanted to try balanced food and see how he likes the taste. I love that this food has chicken as #1 ingredient in addition to other natural ingredients, but no chicken-by-products. The diet like this encourages lean muscle build and reduces chances of obesity. Marlo is a neutered male, so towards his older age he might develop some issues, so I am just trying to be proactive.

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The most important thing for Marlo is always the taste and he absolutely loves it, at least for two days so far. I don’t even have to add any canned food just yet; he is devouring plain dry food as is.

Another bag I got is for Sensitive Stomach and Skin Diet, which is important to us given his issues with new foods. My vet gives him Royal Canine cans whenever he has problems, so I am expecting the same effect from Hill’s Science Diet Food, especially when it’s formulated for optimal digestion and includes prebiotic fiber. Sounds good enough for me and tastes even better for Marlo. It also contains Vitamin E and Omega-6s for skin and shiny coat.

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While this food is not the cheapest on the market, I believe in quality and price correlation, so I understand that it can’t sell for what Walmart kibbles sell. I think that ordering big bags of this dry food from Chewy.com via auto-shipment could be quite affordable. Our current food is $10 less expensive for 37 pound bag and it lasts for over 2 months. Yes, this would be a little more, but our beloved dog’s health is the most important consideration. I will continue monitoring how he likes those foods from Hill’s and will consider ordering it from Chewy.com again.

Hill’s Science Diet Promotion

When it comes to price alone, I know that Chewy.com offers coupons and sales that sometimes can be for Hill’s Science Diet, which would give me extra savings. But even without that Chewy.com is definitely one of the most affordable places to buy all pet supplies.