Guitar Center 50% OFF Promo Codes | October 2022

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Best Savings Tips for Guitar Center

Guitar Center Savings Tips

Guitar Center sells a lot more than just guitars, and you might know it if you have anybody interested in music in your family. You definitely know the store if you are a musician yourself. While most of equipment they sell is not cheap, the retailer has some of the best prices around on guitars, pianos, and more.

If paying a full price is not your cup of tea, read on to find out about ways to never do that:

Buy used

Guitar Center Used Instruments

This is the best way to save money, especially at Guitar Center, which always has plenty of used instruments. There is an entire section for used equipment on the website too.

Guitar Center Sales

Participate in special sales

Guitar Center Sale Gear

When you can, buy your most expensive purchase during a sale, and Guitar Center has a few big sales throughout a year for that. One of the best ones is Guitar-a-Thon in May, when prices are ridiculously discounted. All sale items have yellow tags, so look out for them. Other big sales coincide with major holidays and are similar to other retailers’.

Clearance section

Guitar Center Clearance

All items with orange tags are on clearance, and this section is full of good stuff year round. Some items can be discounted for up to 70% just to get them moving out the door.

Guitar Center 70% OFF Clearance

Clearance items are usually grouped by categories, so you can expect discounted items next to the full price offers, but a bit to the side.

Scratch and dent items

These are another great option. Saving experts always recommend such items for the biggest discounts. The products usually have some damage, sometimes not even visible to the naked eye, but the savings are hard to beat.

Guitar Center Promotion

Before rushing to get a scratch and dent item with damage, look around online for the exact same defect-free item and compare prices. Sometimes even Guitar Center might have better prices online versus the physical store. Only when you do some homework like that, get the deal with a blue tag. If you do buy such item and then find the same thing cheaper somewhere else within 45 days, Guitar Center will refund the difference.

Random deals

You don’t have to shop during some giant sale all the time to save some money. It’s not very uncommon to stumble upon deals like buy 2 get 1 free, 3 for $10, or something similar. Savings can be found on the daily basis at Guitar Center.

Guitar Center Guitar Picks

Open box items

This means that an item is returned, restocked, or on clearance. All such merchandise is located in the Outlet section of the website and everything there is deeply discounted. Every store also has outlet inventory, which can help you save a nice chunk of money.

Guitar Center Big Bang 2019

Free classes

Guitar Center Lessons

Every Guitar Center store has a dedicated space for music classes. Most classes like that are paid for, but once in a while you can find a community class that is absolutely free. Such community classes are in a group setting and offered for seniors, children, and women. You can expect free classes every month, so call your local store to find out more information, class times, and if you qualify.

Guitar Center Lessons Schedule

Sign up for email newsletter

The sign up is free, it provides information about sales and discounts, and will give you $5 off your next purchase.

Guitar Center Coupon

Discounted gift cards

This saving method works for most retailers. Check out,, or for discounted gift cards from people who don’t want to use them, and save right of the top. The discount you can find varies, but it’s not uncommon to get a gift card for 15% off.

Guitar Center Gear

Employee discount

If you or your teen children are looking for a new career path, consider working for Guitar Center. Employees get musical instruments at just 10% above Guitar Center’s cost, which is 50-60% off what customers pay. Plus you get salary and benefits.

Guitar Center Books and Magazines