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Cesar Dog Food Review and Products from Chewy.com

Among hundreds of available brands of dog food these days, we can often get lost when choosing the best nutrition for our furry best friends.

Cesar is one of those brands that many pet owners are used to seeing everywhere – from grocery stores, to pet shops and everything in between. All Cesar food packages feature West Highland White Terrier and thus are easy to see. The company mainly caters to small breeds and is most known for wet dog food.

The brand can be easily compared to Pedigree and not only because they both are owned by the same company. Cesar is known as an inexpensive food that still meets nutritional needs. But before you go running for fancy looking Cesar pates and blends, read some reviews. Pet parents and experts don’t always agree with everything you will find on the package. A bit of homework never hurts!

The main problem with Cesar foods, just like with so many other brands, is that every recipe starts with some real meat, but then is immediately destroyed by various by-products, corn, and grain. Cesar brand has a good range of protein and fats, but it’s often unclear exactly which ingredients provide that.

While the brand is mostly known for wet food, they also have 3 types of dry food and 8 kinds of dog treats. We won’t go through every single product, but after looking at all of them, we do have a few conclusions:

  • Dogs love Cesar’s wet food pretty much unanimously.
  • The first ingredient is always meat, but it is closely followed by low quality meat meals and various by-products.
  • Corn meal is present in all Cesar foods and it is of very little value for little dogs’ bellies. The same goes for whole wheat and soy products, which are hard to digest and can cause allergies.
  • Dry Cesar food is great for dental health because of H shape kibble.
  • All foods have balanced nutrition and enough protein, but the source of it is not always the best.
  • Dry food packages and small wet food trays are great for resealing and storing.
  • There are artificial colors and synthetic supplements in Cesar foods.
  • All wet meals can be served as is or as dry food toppers, giving owners lots of versatility.
  • Cesar caters to small dogs of all age stages.
  • Most Cesar foods have about 26 ingredients and are well balanced with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Cesar’s wet food is perfect for hiding medicines for dogs.
  • Cesar’s puppy food is tasty for all picky eaters and gentle on young stomachs.
  • Cesar dog treats are easy to chew or break into smaller pieces for training purposes.
  • Brand products are great for weight control because they all come with calorie count.
  • Cesar foods don’t contain any fatty acids, probiotics, glucosamine or chondroitin, which are needed for a healthy diet.

Cesar foods and treats are made by Mars, Inc. The company is known internationally for candies, but it also produces Eukanuba, Greenies, Pedigree, Pill Pockets, Iams, Sheba, Whiskas, and Royal Canin dog and cat foods. They have been around since 1911 and are based in the US with plants in Canada and Europe. There is no real information about where Cesar dog food is made.

Cesar brand doesn’t get the best reviews because of how many artificial and low quality ingredients they use, but the foods are very low priced and thus maintain their wide appeal. Pups love the taste, so that has to stand for something.

Finally, the company hasn’t had many recalls, in fact just one in recent history, so that’s a good sign.

Now after we’ve discussed the many positives and negatives, let’s see what Cesar foods Chewy.com has to offer. The company caters to all kinds of pets and their parents with wide choice of brands, free fast shipping, and super friendly customer service.

When you type ‘Cesar’ in Chewy search, 93 results pop up, so there is definitely plenty to choose from:

  • Cesar Classic Loaf in Sauce Beef Recipe, Filet Mignon, Grilled Chicken & Porterhouse Steak Flavors variety pack, 24 trays - $19.47
  • Cesar Steak Lovers Variety Pack Dog Food Trays, 36 count - $28.97
  • Cesar Poultry Variety Pack with Real Chicken, Turkey & Duck Dog Food Trays, 24 count - $19.24
  • Cesar Softies Medley Dog Treats, 16oz - $8.43
  • Cesar Simply Crafted Chicken Limited-Ingredient Wet Dog Food Topper, case of 10 - $12.90
  • Cesar Filet Mignon Flavor & Spring Vegetables Garnish Small Breed Dry Dog Food, 5lbs - $8.47
  • Cesar Puppy Classic Loaf in Sauce Chicken & Beef Recipe, case of 24 - $20.16
  • Cesar Meaty Bites Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dog Treats, 8oz - $8.99

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