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Titanium or Ceramic Hair Straightener?

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I think ladies will agree that we have to have our hair smooth and frizz-free no matter what and at that point the price doesn’t matter. Only it actually does, just a little bit. We spend money at salons, so when it comes to home hair care, we might not go for the bottom dollar, but some caution should still be exercised. Otherwise, many husbands will be throwing collective tantrums everywhere.

What’s important to us are a few key things – the flat iron or curler has to be high quality, durable, fast, safe, and maybe just a bit cute in pink or pastel purple. The current popular argument is if titanium or ceramic hair straighteners are better. And there are many proponents of both.

While flat irons can be our best friends and they might easily become burning and damaging enemies too. This is why buying one requires a bit of research and comparison to make sure you are getting what’s best for your hair and not too bad for your wallet.

Hair curlers and straighteners have come a long way and became versatile tools that almost anybody can use and benefit from. Today most hair tools are titanium or ceramic. Let’s take a look at the main differences and similarities between the two:


Both materials can generate and preserve very high temperatures, up to 450 degrees. Titanium flat irons will reach that heat a little bit faster, while ceramic ones will be a few seconds slower. If you have thick hair that needs a lot of heat to get under control, titanium flat iron will be your best friend. If your hair is thin, lower heat will be sufficient, and in that case there is no need to pay extra for titanium – ceramic will do just fine.

If you are just starting to use hair straightener, ceramic is better because is not so fast and is easier to control the temperature, reducing the danger of serious burn. These days you can also buy a titanium flat iron with built in customizable heat range, so you will get the optimum heat you need in the shortest time. That’ll come at a cost, of course.

Hair type

As I already mentioned above, the fuller hair, the more heat you need to fight frizz, so titanium straighteners are usually the best option. They do the job faster.

Ceramic flat irons also emit negative ions, required to reduce hair moisture and keep them straight. They just emit them slower and fewer of them than titanium.

Heat transfer

Titanium has better heat transfer, which means that you will be ready to use your tool faster. This can be essential in our fast paced world. Or not.


Let’s get this straight – to compare with flat irons from years ago, both modern materials are super durable and crack resistant. On the other hand, ceramic straightener can get cracked or broken just a tad bit easier than titanium.

Ease of usage

This is pretty simple – they both heat fast and are very easy to use even for beginners. However, if you have never held a flat iron in your hand, you might want to go for ceramic, because it heats a bit slower and you won’t be as likely to cause burn.


Cali Capelli Pro Series

This is really the biggest difference. Ceramic flat irons are more affordable and thus can be friendlier to most budgets and accessible to more fashionistas. Titanium is more expensive, but will heat faster and last a bit longer, most likely. So here you’ll have to choose your vices and pet peeves.

If you have your sights set on titanium flat irons, consider Calicapelli, a company owned by a woman, who cares about our hair and offers rose gold titanium tools at around $60, instead of usual prices that hover closer to $300. This way you can get the best product there is for pretty much Black Friday prices.