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AT&T Cell Phone Plans

AT&T Promotion

AT&T is known to be one of the best companies for coverage, speed, and reliability, yet it is also known for steep prices and fees. There are nice TV plans in addition to wireless deals, but to get all that with a good deal, you should know a thing or two.

Let’s take a look at everything AT&T has to offer:

Unlimited Plans

Those types of plans are perfect for all YouTube cute kittens’ videos addicts and all Facebooks lovers who fall asleep and wake up with social media. AT&T doesn’t charge any overage for going over the limits, but your speed might slow down. The quality of streaming depends on your chosen plan, and this is what’s available:

  • Unlimited Starter ($65/month) and Unlimited Extra ($75/month) with SD-quality
  • Unlimited Elite ($85/month) with HD-quality

Unlimited Elite plan comes with free HBO subscription, so now you can binge watch Games of Thrones on that train to work every morning.

Data throttling can happen at any time with Unlimited Starter plan, and that can be very annoying. Unlimited Extra plan gives you 50 GB, and Unlimited Elite – 100 GB.

When it comes to price, AT&T is just a little bit cheaper than Verizon, which is the best wireless provider, and more expensive than pretty much anybody else. The good thing is that AT&T is also close to Verizon in terms of quality and speed, unless you live in a very rural area.

AT&T Family Plans with 3 shared lines

  • AT&T Prepaid Multi Line Monthly Plan - $70/mo.
  • Mobile Share Plus 3GB - $99/mo.
  • Mobile Share Plus 9GB - $120/mo.
  • Unlimited Starter - $135/mo.
  • Unlimited Extra - $150/mo.
  • Unlimited Elite - $180/mo.

As we can see form that comparison, every family should be on family plan, because savings are huge. Adding an additional line to family plan costs just ½ price of a stand-alone plan. You can include not just your spouse and kids, but also uncles, sisters, grandparents, and whoever else you consider a family, up to 10 people.

When compared to other companies, AT&T is neither the most expensive, nor the cheapest. Sprint and Metro by T-Mobile are slightly cheaper, but offer less coverage and liability. Verizon is priced very similarly to AT&T, but offers better service.

AT&T Prepaid Plans

AT&T offers prepaid monthly plans for $30, $40, $45, and $55 per month. The first two get 1GB and 8GB of data respectively, but the last two are unlimited and feature HD-quality.

If you need more data than 1 or 8 GB, go with Unlimited Prepaid plans and you will be saving a lot of money for great service.

When compared with competitors, AT&T is right in the middle with prepaid plans’ prices and service quality.

AT&T Cell Phones and Devices

If iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or ZTE Exon M smart phones are calling your name, you can buy or lease them from AT&T every single year. Google Pixels is also compatible with AT&T; you just can’t buy it there.

One thing that infuriates everybody is equipment fees with AT&T. They are applied no matter what way you get the device or if you bring your own and are whack, but unfortunately, unavoidable. You will pay a fee with AT&T for a new plan and for every new device, but at least they are one-time fees.

AT&T Coverage and Speed

AT&T is at the front for text message delivery speed and reliability, but is behind Verizon and T-Mobile when it comes to coverage. Sprint customers are happy with AT&T’s performance, but Verizon customers will be a bit disappointed overall and very disappointed in Alaska, California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Montana – pretty much the West and mountains.

AT&T’s speed is also behind Verizon and T-Mobile, except in 125 major cities, where it leaves everybody else in the dust with its 10 Mbps.

AT&T Customer Service

While it’s not difficult to reach somebody on the line, that is only half the story. You can reach customer service by phone, live chat, community forums, Twitter, and Facebook. Customer service, however, is not always helpful or friendly, and the phone bill lacks clarity.

So is AT&T good?

  • AT&T’s unlimited plans are good, but not the cheapest. Prepaid plans offer best value.
  • AT&T is behind Verizon and T-Mobile, but ahead of everybody else in terms of coverage and is good for 90% of territory
  • AT&T is the fastest in major cities, but not the best in rural locations
  • Customer service needs improvement, but so do all other mobile service providers

All in all, AT&T is great if you are already a DirecTV, DirecTV NOW, or AT&T U-Verse customer and are looking for reliable speed, decent coverage, and the chance to buy the latest smartphone. In all those cases AT&T is for you, albeit a bit on a pricey side.