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Best Personalized Christmas Stockings Found

September 12, 2022

Christmas is the magical time when all the family gets together and exchange gifts. Kids believe in miracles and while there are preschool children in the family you do your best to create festive atmosphere at home. This fall I prepared for the holiday season in advance and ordered these cute personalized Christmas stockings.

Personalized Christmas Stockings for Whole Family

I used to have Pottery Barn Christmas stockings, but that was a long time ago and I ordered them before my younger son was born. So, I decided to order custom Christmas stockings for everyone in my family, and I wanted them to be in the same style. This time I ordered family Christmas stockings at Personalization Mall. This online store for personalized products is reliable and the prices are affordable. In the past I bought some personalized gifts from them and I liked the quality of their products. They sent me a coupon code with their last order, and I wanted to use Personalization Mall coupon to save on my purchase.

Christmas Stocking from Personalization Mall

When I checked the selection of Christmas stockings at Personalization Mall I was quite impressed. From traditional Christmas stockings featuring Santa, sledges and Christmas tree to luxury Christmas stockings with golden and silver embroidery, embellished by pearls and rhinestones, the selection was huge. I prefer unique Christmas stockings in traditional design and colors. Here is what I got.

For me Christmas is associated with red and green colors. Traditionally Santa wears red clothes and Christmas tree is green. So, I picked red Christmas stockings with white trim. I chose different d├ęcor for each member of the family and personalized the stockings with our names.

Maksym's Christmas stocking features Santa himself, a reindeer, and the Christmas tree.

Personalized Christmas Stocking for Maksym

My elder son's stocking features the snowman in a cute checked hat.

Personalized Christmas Stocking for Michael

I chose for myself two dancing pinguins, my husband's stocking has a polar bear carrying a pile of Christmas gifts. The other side of the stockings is plain.

Personalized Christmas Stockings for Anna and Valentyn

All four Christmas stockings share the same features. They are made of the same material and even thought their characters are different they have some elements in common. For example, each personalized Christmas stocking features white pom poms and snowflakes. So, it is clear at a glance that all four stocking are from the same collection.

Personalized Christmas Stocking with White Pom Poms

I live in California and usually we have no snow on Christmas. Maybe that is why we are so crazy about having beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere: at home, at work and on the street. We do miss snow, but with so many varied Christmas ornaments and other decorative elements we can easily compensate the weather downsize.
I didn't show my family their new personalized Christmas stockings. I hope they will like them as much as I did. I want to surprise them on the Christmas Eve.

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