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Best Grocery Delivery for Corona Outbreak

December 13, 2020

Walmart Grocery Delivery CouponsWalmart is still delivering and not slowing down/

As Corona virus and resulting COVID-19 sickness is taking a hold on the world, many of us desire to stay home and distance ourselves from everybody. Limiting all activities, social gatherings, and staying away from food stores is one way to do it, but we still need to eat.

Amazon Prime Grocery DeliveryAmazon trucks are hard at work as well

Getting produce online is a sure method to receive what you need while staying at home or if quarantine is implemented.

In today’s world, you can easily survive for long periods of time with perishables delivery and meal kits.

Grocery PromotionsOrganic long lasting products and fresh fruit are in high demand

You can get fresh produce, dairy, eggs, meats, ready meals, and recipe kits delivered right to your house. Granted, those services are overloaded, but you can still order and remain patient.

Whole Foods Delivery CouponBottled water shelves don’t look like this right now

The prices and membership requirements vary, some companies deliver for free with certain minimums. You can get your delivery in a few hours in some places or you might have to wait a few days in other locations with some companies.

Walmart Grocery Discount CodeWalmart is keeping up with demand pretty well

During this time all those deliveries are contact-free, so you will find your bags left for you right outside your door. Take a look at the list we made for you and try it out:

Walmart Grocery

Walmart Grocery Delivery OfferWe will all have to change our ways of shopping after this

There is a Walmart near you somewhere – this service is available in over 1,500 cities.

Walmart Grocery CodeWalmart offers delivery services for everyone

There is no membership, but you can sign up for $98 per year for Unlimited Delivery or pay $8-$10 per individual delivery. Most deliveries take place from a few hours to 7 days. You can order comestibles, non-perishable items, and many other small products.

Walmart Bakery Discount CodeYou can get freshly baked goods

Walmart is convenient, affordable, and fast.

Walmart Grocery Promotional CodePickup and delivery services are for all groceries and other merchandise

The retailer has been focused on this foodstuffs delivery service for a while and it’s now really paying off.

Walmart Grocery Delivery CodePickup service is fast and save for social distancing

For now Walmart Grocery requires a separate app, but they might get joined eventually.

Walmart Grocery Delivery Coupon CodeWalmart trucks are hard at work

See Walmart Grocery Delivery Coupons:

  • $10 OFF Grocery Delivery Order Online with code WOWFRESH
  • Receive $10 OFF First $50 Grocery Delivery when use code VISITORS
  • $10 on Your Grocery Orders of $50+ with code SAVETIME

Walmart Grocery Delivery DiscountDelivery from Walmart is a welcome sign these days


It is available in 40 states and doesn’t require any membership. It costs $3.99 to get your order brought to you with minimum $10. Instacart Express costs for $99 per year and is free for $35 minimum orders. It takes from 2 hours to 6 days to get your order delivered. You can buy all perishables, pantry items, and alcohol from all local stores, pharmacies, pet shops, and even sale clubs, like Costco.

Organic Grocery PromotionsFresh fruit is a perfect source of vitamins during virus outbreaks

Your shopping is done by local personal shoppers and is not cheap, but offers rarely found convenience. You can talk to your shopper as he or she is shopping and indicate desired substitute items. You can even track the progress.

See Instacart Coupons:

  • $10 OFF Your entire order
  • Free Shipping On Select Items

Vons Grocery Delivery OfferVons is delivering fresh groceries/

The delivery service is owned by Safeway and can be used in many major cities. It costs $10 for $150 orders and $13 for smaller purchases. The minimum order is $49. The company offers “shop by history” function, making the service very speedy. You can buy food staples and alcoholic beverages. You can get your vegetables the same day if you order before 8:30am, but this timing might now be unavailable due to increased online shopping.

Vons Grocery CouponAmazon Fresh delivers from Whole Foods/ LLC

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Prime Member DealPrime members get great deals from Whole Foods

You can get this service in 2,000 cities as long as you have Amazon Prime, which costs $119 per year.

Whole Foods delivery codeWhole Foods now belongs to Amazon

All orders over $35 are free and can come to you as fast as in one hour in some places. Whole Foods delivery is also included in this service.

Whole Foods delivery promoCustomer service at Whole Foods is always ready to help

Amazon Fresh is included for all members. You can order 365 brand products from Whole Foods and other items from Amazon Fresh, even electronics.

Amazon Meal KitsWhole Foods meal kits can be delivered by Amazon

Pickup is available and free. Amazon Fresh offers various coupons and ways to save.

Amazon Food Delivery CouponAmazon meal kits are very convenient

Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct Grocery DeliveryGreen goods from Whole Foods to you

This service is available in Northeast states. There is no membership; you will pay $5.99 - $16 for minimum purchases of $30+. You can also get Delivery Pass for $129 per year.

Organic Grocery Promotional OfferHeirloom tomatoes can be delivered

The delivery takes place within a few hours or can be scheduled for up to 7 days. You can get perishables, shelf-stable staples, and alcoholic beverages. The delivery area is pretty small though.

The company also makes their own meal kits and ready-to-eat meals. You can also get farm boxes, flowers, household items, cleaning supplies, and alcohol. All their products are of very high quality and natural.


Organic Grocery OffersFresh produce from Whole Foods

It is available in New England and some other mid-Atlantic states. There is no membership; the price of shipping is based on the amount of your purchase. You can also buy PodPass for $119 per year and get it all shipped free for $100+ minimum. You can receive your order in one day or schedule for up to 2 weeks.

Grocery Delivery PromotionsWhole Foods produce is always fresh

The company focuses on foodstuffs and produce, but also offers special meal kits. Peapod features coupons and various manufacturer savings.

Google Shopping

This service is available everywhere without paid membership. Delivery is free with $25 orders. You can buy pantry items from stores like Target and Costco.

Google Shopping CouponGoogle shopping is also convenient these days

While there are no food items, you can get stuff from warehouse clubs, but more expensive than members pay. Your order will come via UPS or FedEx.


You can get this service in Texas, Chicago, and Southeastern states. You have to be a member for $100 per year and you’ll receive complimentary delivery with $35. Delivery can take from 1 to 14 days. You can buy perishables, pantry items, and alcoholic beverages.

Shipt DiscountWe should keep our vitamins coming via delivered groceries

Shipt employs personal shoppers, like Instacart, and offers various savings all the time. You can get products from Target, Kroger, and local pharmacies.

Prime Now

Anazon Prime Member CouponPrime members get good deals at Whole Foods

It is available in major cities with Prime membership. The delivery is complimentary with $35+ orders and takes from a few hours to 2 days.

Grocery Prime membership DiscountWhole Foods has most groceries wide available still

You can get all fresh products from Whole Foods and items from Amazon, groceries and not. Whole Foods items and Amazon items will go into two different carts when checking out. This service includes all items from Whole Foods, not just 365 brand like from Amazon Fresh.

Amazon Grocery  PromotionsAmazonGo meal kits can come to you the same day

Prime Pantry

Amazon Prime Delivery DiscountHeavy lifting from Amazon

You can get this service pretty much everywhere and yes, it’s another Amazon service available for Prime members. Pantry delivers non-perishable items only for free with minimum orders of $35 or for $5 per month and $10+ minimum purchases.

Amazon Prime Delivery CouponEfficient deliveries from Amazon

This type of service is great for stocking your kitchen with shelf-stable products and cleaning supplies. You can also get dog food. Your goods will reach you in about 4 days.

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