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Are People That Bad? Sugar Daddy Dating During Corona Virus

January 12, 2021

Sugar Daddy Dating

When we are talking about shelter in place orders, quarantines, social distancing, and job loses, we rarely think of people who survive financially by dating. What is a young girl to do when she depends on older sugar daddies and is suddenly not able to go out on dates and collect her living?

Seeking Arrangement Sugar Daddy Dating

While this kind of money making is neither a job nor strictly sexual arrangement, it involves an agreement between sugar babies and sugar daddies – dates in exchange for gifts, monetary support, dinners, and vacations. It’s definitely a mutually beneficial intimate financial transaction that had been impacted by corona pandemic just as much as many other jobs and occupations.

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Sugar daddies are always elderly men, at least over 40 and many of them are in risk groups with compromised immune systems. It’s not going to be safe to see them for a long time, months to be exact. This puts a huge financial burden on sugar babies who depend on such support and often even tuitions and living expenses.

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All universities are now closed for physical classes, but they all continue education remotely. Students re devastated about finishing colleges without closure and graduation as the doors of their educational institutions are to remain closed until the end of this school year. While studies continue online, payments for classes also continue.

Sugar babies go on dates with their sugar daddies and collect their gifts in items, vacations, or money during that time. Today there are no dates, no shopping malls, and no vacations, but bills remain.

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Some sugar daddies are also facing financial uncertainty and might be medically fragile, further complicating things for sugar babies. Even picking up a new job is not easy these days with so many layoffs taking place, especially in service industry. One other option is to choose a sugar daddy who will agree to date despite the risk, but it’s really the last resort.

Most sugar babies are considerate and won’t endanger their suitors. Putting everything on hold is tough for both sides, but there are sincere relationships, where payments can be continued even without dating and other gratifications. Long awaited fruit is even sweeter, and this pandemic is going to end eventually. The only thing that could dampen this situation even further is the paying side’s financial losses, which will happen as many businesses are tightening their belts or not able to survive altogether.

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Having a few sugar daddies can help. Or not. Who’s to say that you can find people who won’t be afraid of getting a virus and with stable finances that won’t get affected by the looming recession?

Some sugar babies have long distance sugar daddies, which require traveling. Travelling, as we all know, is just as compromised now as elderly immune systems. Most men pay and give allowances for face to face meetings. Not being able to travel means further loss of income for sugar babies.

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Looking for new sugar daddies online is futile now as entire cities are on the lockdown with only hospitals and grocery stores open, which both would make pretty bad dating spots.

During normal circumstances the first dates with new sugar daddies happen in crowded places for safety – impossible now, so this dating is stalling and will have to wait. No sugar baby should go on her first date to unknown person’s house for everybody’s sake. The only thing young girls can do is tap into their savings and wait this period out or find other ways, more secure, to make a living.

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